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Sophia 21st Feb 2021 Activity Coordinator
Hello, we play bingo with our residents weekly. Trying to think of ideas for prizes that aren't sweets or toiletries was hoping for some ideas.
Susan 22nd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Sophia
Here are some ideas
I always used to give out a quarter to the winner
We did not clear the cards until we had three winners
Each one got a quarter
The last game was a coverall and the winner got a dollar
Other members had these ideas
Let us know if you need more ideas
Lifestyle 23rd Feb 2021 diversional therapist
Hi there
If you have a lifestyle budget or are able to charge residents $1 or $2 per bingo day (used to purchase prizes), you could introduce a token system.
Each winner receives a token and at the end of your bingo session the tokens are traded for items. I used to have $1, $2 and $5 items (so 1 token equates to $1).
Items can include your usual toiletries and chocolates but can also be small potted plants, throw blankets, scarves, hats, gloves, neck pillows etc. Some residents saved up their tokens each week so they could get that $5 trade :)

Susan 23rd Feb 2021 Care Activity Coordinator
I've bought photo frames, small ornaments and artificial flower arrangements for their rooms
Susan 24th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi life style and Susan thank you for your input
Ellen 25th Feb 2021 Activity Director
We put out a request for prizes in our monthly agency newsletter to the community with ideas of what we need. We go to the Salvation Army and or Goodwill retail shops an buy big bags filled with stuffed animals for 2.00. We also have suggested a donation at Christmas time as families would like to do something for the residents. With that money we purchase postage stamps and put them with a greeting card for them to mail and purchase individual size chips that they do not get here as a part of their meals like Cheetos flaming hot and other hot chips or some that they request. We also get the little cans of pop and hostess pies. Sometimes we cut up fruits and put them into fancy plastic cups and cover them with a little spoon on the side. Everybody loves bingo. We do it twice per week.
Susan 25th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Ellen
Thank you for your input
Rachel 27th Feb 2021 Activities
We play "Penny Bingo" so our residents get a penny for each Bingo they call off. It doesn't seem like much, but it adds up. When they get 100 pennies then they can turn them in for a dollar. We give them little containers to put their pennies in, but sometimes I have to check their rooms to find them. If they don't turn them in it doesn't really matter anyway.
Susan 1st Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Rachel
Thank you for this
Sophia 2nd Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator
Thank you for all your comments
Teena 3rd Mar 2021 Activity Manager
Hi Sophia,
You can ask families/staff to donate their unwanted costume jewelry/brooches/neckties for your gentleman and McDonalds happy meal coupons. jackpot round could win a makeover with a photo shoot and give the photo to the family member for Christmas/Birthday etc.
Hope this helps.
Susan 3rd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Teena
Costume jewelry is a good idea
Most residents really like that stuff

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