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Lori 26th Apr 2022 Activity
I work in a locked dementia unit where the residence are middle late too late stages of dementia it is hard to find things that they can do please help me are there any suggestions
Beth 28th Apr 2022 Life Enrichment Coordinator
Complete the Phrase is a very good brain game for all stages! Just like they can pull up song lyrics from back their memory so to can they complete the common phrases! Just leave the last work blank for them to complete.
Susan 29th Apr 2022 Director of Activities
We hold a "Morning Wake-Up":
-stretching/simple exercises to go along w/the seasons
*reaching for snowflakes, picking apples, chopping wood, etc. We have some really fun
creative ones.
*balloon toss or ball toss (into a basket
-Short reminisce story along w/simple trivia

Susan 29th Apr 2022 Activity Director
Your ideas sound great
John 3rd May 2022 Retired
Hi Lori

We hold regular sing-a-longs for our Poppy Court dementia residents. We work out the years they would have been in their twenties, (don't get drawn into the idea that "nostalgia" is the forties and fifties!!). We use a programme called "Karafun", available by a monthly subscription. It works like a dream for us and is always very popular. Just be prepared for the inevitable "red flags", tunes that bring back sad memories. Best of luck.
Susan 3rd May 2022 Activity Director
Hi John
Thanks for sharing your ideas
Lisa 8th May 2022 WSVD
There is a great gal on youtube, her name is Susie q. my residents love her all day every day! also, sorting decks of cards, organizing the colored pencils, and spooling yarn!
Susan 9th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Lisa
These sound like great ideas
Do you have a link to Susie’s YouTube
Richelle 9th May 2022
Fiddle boxes, large piece jigsaws, simple find a word, sorting - material, pencils, jewellery etc etc, folding face washers or serviettes, colouring (art), music with music videos, short documentaries. My residents who are living with dementia also love cooking, gardening, story time (where i read a story and we reminisce). We also use a program called "moove and groove" which allows residents to listen to their choice of music through headphones
Susan 10th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Richille
You shared some great ideas
Thank you
Linda 13th May 2022 Virtual Programer
Hand massages are always appreciated by dementia folks regardless of which stage they are at. It is a wonderful one-on-one connection.
Susan 13th May 2022 Activity Director
Hi Linda
You are right about hand massages
Thank you for reminding us

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