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Karin 24th Jul 2013 Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
I need helP!
Management wish to review our staffing levels in activities and hours etc. I would very much appreciate it if anyone would share with me how they work their programs and amount of staffing they have to make it work. For example number of residents and how big is your team? It would really help me if I knew how others do it when discussing possibilities with management. Thanks!
Ron 24th Jul 2013 RAO
Hello Karin
We have 60 odd residents in our section and there are 2 RAO's
Mon & Fri just one of us work.
Tues - Thurs both are on deck & we take turns at working Sat & Sun and it works extremely well.
denise 27th Jul 2013 personal carer
Hi Karin.
We have 15 residents 1PCA on and an activites officer which works 3 days a week Mon Wed and Fri which works well
carol 28th Jul 2013 activities team leader
Hi! Karin, We have 90 residents in three units, High care, Low care and a Dementia unit.
we have one staff each day per unit, the team leader has three days off the floor each week to take care of planning, calendars and care plans, so three days of the week there are four staff in total for life style.
Denise 28th Jul 2013 Facility Manager
Hi Karen , I'm a RAO and I work Mon-Thursaday 8.30-5pm . I work with a DT , she works Tues-Friday 8-4pm , we overlap 3days and plan more activities in those 3 days , our facility is 79 bed , I always think its more supportive to work together , and more successful is the outcome of the group , hope this helps , best regards Julie
Jeanette 29th Jul 2013 Activities Officer
I work in a high care nursing home - 1 RAO to 30 residents, 9.00-3.30pm Mon-Fri
Sue 30th Jul 2013
Hi Karin, most facilities I have worked at have a ratio of around 1 hour per week per resident. This may help you work out the hours. Its still not enough time to provide a great lifestyles for residents.
patricia 23rd Aug 2013 Recreational Activity Officer
I work in a124 bed facility. Low care, High care and dementia.
Up till this week one person works tues - Saturday 9.30 to 5.00,
3 day mon-wednesday 9.30 - 5.30, mon-friday 9.30 - 4.00, Tues - Fri 9.30 - 5.00, 1 on Sun. total 5 RAOs.
on Tues & wed 4 of us all work.
wendy 5th Sep 2013 Lifestyle Manager
I work in a 120 bed home and have 6 staff , one full time in the Dementia unit , you need staff to bring people down run activities and completed one to ones .I have at least 35 on one to one visit

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