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Karen 4th Feb 2016 DT
We are going to Italy for our arm chair travel this month, any ideas for decorations and costumes????
Talita 6th Feb 2016
Hi Karen,

Have you had a look through the Italy category in the multicultural section of the website?

You may find some ideas there.
Love to hear how it goes.
Rachel 11th Feb 2016 Director of Activities & Volunteer Coordinator
Where do you find the armchair travels?
Jannine 3rd May 2018 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
I held armchair travel at my facility for the first time yesterday, visiting Thailand as I have just been on holiday. It was a huge success!!!! I had Thai music playing in the background with a diffuser spreading lovely scents through the room. Lots of colourful photographs , clothes, jewelry & other goodies on display . We talked about climate, the flag and other interesting information as well as what I got up to on my holiday. We are going to hold this activity once a month with residents deciding where the would like to travel to
Eileen 17th Jul 2021 RN
We are going to China this coming up week and I am looking for some stamps to have them color for their pass ports. Does anyone have anything?
Susan 17th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Jean 17th Jul 2021 Activities Coordinator
I did Italy in my armchair travel and we decorated with Italian flag bunting as well as the pictures provided by the site (laminated). All cheap and reusable. Served non alcholic wine with lunch and the hit of the day was afternoon tea when we served Panatone.
Susan 18th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Jean
Thank you for sharing this information
Sounds like you had a great time
Christine 2nd Aug 2021 Registered Diversional & Recreational Therapist
We recently armchair travelled to Italy, I decorated dining room to make it look like Italian restaurant, and we made home made pizzas, drank cappuccinos and listened to Dean Martin Italian music. Those that didn't actively participate, enjoyed tasting the pizzas and listening to music.
Susan 3rd Aug 2021 Activity Director
Hi Christine
This sounds wonderful
Thank you for sharing
Karen 8th Mar 2024 Recreation Program Assistant
Your site has been a lifesaver for me! Armchair to Italy here we go!

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