Cruise Ship Theme Day

Cruise Ship Theme Day

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Welcome residents and issue them with their boarding tickets. Hand out garlands and hats. Invite them to have their photo taken! Have afternoon tea, enjoy an around the world quiz and play deck games.

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Joanne 17th Nov 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
This is great I did one with my facility but made it a week long cruise, visiting a different port everyday - heaps of work prior but the residents got involved with painting port holes etc. I also made a handbook to give each night with a peppermint that explained where we were going to next. Great ideas, keep it up people.
Susan 16th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Sounds good Regis
Regis North Fremantle 15th Oct 2019 Lifestyle Coordinator
Love this cruise ship theme day. Our facility is not far from the port of Fremantle, so I was thinking we could have a cruise ship in the background of the photos
Susan 12th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Good Idea Brenda
Brenda 12th Oct 2019 Volunteer
This would be fun for residents, after looking at this I thought about a Lau Theme party.
Talita 9th Oct 2019
Love this Diane! Thanks for sharing!
Diane 9th Oct 2019 Memory Club Volunteer
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