Dog themed picture bingo game.  Great for the residents that are dog lovers! I like to plan it when I know we have therapy dogs visiting as our next activity.  So when we finish and real dogs show up, they love it! Enjoy!

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Diane 24th Feb 2021 Facilitator
Golden Carers has immensely added to our have enriched our program so much....keep up the good work
Talita 1st Mar 2021
Thanks so very much for your feedback Diane x
Christine 26th Oct 2020 Support Worker
Thank you, this will be a great addition for our community, many thanks Christine
Susan 28th May 2020 Activity Director
Wow Sone
This is the great and I’m sure it will be very useful to others not just for bingo but for reminiscing or a guessing game
Soné 27th May 2020 Lifestyle Team Leader
Thanks for this. It will be perfect for a lady that loves dogs.
At the moment all our social interactions are one on one out in the community so i wanted to be able to participate in this game rather than just being the caller, so I put all the images into a random wheel. I hope that is ok?

Here is the link
Talita 27th May 2020
Wow Soné I've never seen this app before - how cool is that! What a fun extension to a bingo game!
Sara 10th Jun 2020
So cool! Love it! I'm going to use this for all my picture bingo games now! Thank you!
Susan 2nd Sep 2019 Activity Director
Another great picture bingo game
Many residents had dogs for pets