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Janine 7th Aug 2014 Lifestyle Assistant
What is the consideration regarding Risk Assessment and Liability against an organisation, do they sign off on a waiver

Great idea we are trying to establish this at the moment

Thanks for the idea
Kate 27th Dec 2012 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
hi everyone - asking for suggestions and ideas on how to convince the residents to write down what they would love to do like the above examples. no one will put their name on the suggestion forms and placce them in the the suggestion box We'd dearly love to be able to help a resident to fulfil their dreams and wishes ie: plane ride etc. can anyone help ? kathy - and happy new year :)
Ron 15th Aug 2012 RAO
Oh my spelling, that obviously should read CHAPLAIN not Champlain.
talita 15th Aug 2012
sorry Ron I hadn't noticed, fixed now!
Carol 14th Aug 2012 Recreational Activity Officer Coordinator
I seen this on video at a DTA workshop in Port Macquarie NSW it was FANTASTIC
Ron 11th Aug 2012 RAO
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Dream Weaving