Gorgeous DIY Easter carrots to decorate dining table or gather into a garland decoration.
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  • Fabric in orange, purple and green
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Sticky tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Polyester filling
  • String in orange, purple and green (or twist ties)
  • Decorating yarn


  • Download templates (2 sizes available)
  • Cut fabric and bubble wrap
  • Cut leaves as per templates
  • Cut several pieces of strings to tie carrots or use twist ties
  • Have sticky tape close by


  • Take a square piece of bubble wrap and a scant amount of polyester filling (bubbles to the inside and smooth side to the outside)
  • Hold filing and bubble wrap together and fold inwards to form a cone.
  • Hold cone in place by stick taping the edges.
  • Trim top. Trim pointy bottom if necessary.
  • Roll cone over fabric until completely covered, glue the edges and allow time to dry.
  • When dry, press filling down and place a little glue inside cone.
  • Put 'leaves’ (one or two) inside and gather fabric and leaves together with your fingers.
  • Tie with string or use twist ties.
  • Trim surplus fabric.
  • Decorate with yarn of different colours.
Place carrots on dining table or gather into a garland and hang as decoration.

Video Instructions

Files included:

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Easter Carrots

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Talita 26th May 2018
Beautiful Amanda! Thanks so much for sharing a photo too!
Amanda 22nd May 2018 Activities Officer
Found the carrots that our residents made.
Amanda 22nd May 2018 Activities Officer
We made these for Easter and the residents thought they were really nice and , once managing how to roll the Carrot into a narrowed cylinder, had a great time.
Talita 20th Mar 2016
Thanks for your feedback, please send photos when you make them, we'd love to see how they turned out!
Kathleen 12th Mar 2016 Supervisor/ Activity Coordinator
These are wonderful. I think I might put jelly beans in mine.
Elizabeth 10th Mar 2016 Recreation Officer/AIN
Love this idea, can't wait to make them with the residents
Joanne 1st Mar 2016 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Love this idea and now I can use up my scraps of material..thank you so much...
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