Gardening is a wonderful physical and emotional activity for seniors. It is an opportunity to reminisce about times gone by while reaping the benefits of sunshine, fresh air and gentle exercise.

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karen 13th Jan 2019 Activities Officer
In our garden area we have 3 raised garden beds. One for succulents, then herbs and finally flowers. A few residents help to look after these and other just enjoy being outside. I always tell them afternoon tea is included...The area is enjoyed by staff and families. Also we have a small vege patch built by the local High School boys. The tomatoes and basil are growing like mad, told staff to pick them regularly to keep them growing. Finally its a pleasure to have this special area!
Talita 19th Jan 2019
This sounds wonderful Karen! It is so satisfying to nurture and watch herbs and flowers grow.
Deb 4th Apr 2017
We just got some amazing gardening tubs. At waist height the residents are up to them everyday, watering and weeding ..Lots of TLC ......and conversation held over the plants!
Wendy Fredette 24th Feb 2017
Gardening seems to be a very popular activity with seniors since so many worked in gardens in their life time. I brought in a very eclectic variety of seeds which seemed to delight the folks and maintain interest. I found more farming stories came from the men in the group and they shared their knowledge of how to work large fields and crops. So interesting! We are very fortunate to have a beautiful garden area at our facility and during nice days the seniors want to be stay outside for hours! We have a large hat rack full of many styles plus sunglasses and sunscreen by the entrance so our folks stay protected. Come on summer!
Talita 27th Feb 2017
oh yes you are fortunate Wendy! Thanks for your feedback! Here in Australia we are entering Autumn after a lovely long summer.
Sherrie 1st Nov 2016 Lifestyle Coordinator
I am finding this web site very interesting as i have being do lifestyle for 12 months and thoroughly enjoying it but sometimes you need more ideas thank you everyone for your ideas.
Talita 7th Nov 2016
Thanks for your feedback Sherrie, it is much appreciated.
Kellie-Anne 16th Feb 2010 Personal carer Assistant
This is a wonderful idea i have been doing gardens for the past 12 months started with small pots outside residents rooms and now have a large veggies patch were residents can grow their own veggies...... I have very happy resdients yayaya

Cheeers Kellie :~)
maria 28th Nov 2009 studying dt
Instead of small shovels you could use second hand spoons and forks.
debbie borlase 19th May 2009 activitiesco_ordinator
just have come across this and think it awesome. been doing activities for 8 years and some times diferent things is a plus cheers debs