Recycling bottles into vases or containers can be fun. This activity is an ideal gift for a friend, volunteer or family member.

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Solange 7th Feb 2015 Diversional Therapist
Hi Lyn, thank you for your suggestion. You are quite right, a coat of spray lacquer or spray adhesive will hold the salts for longer period. However, in summer you should protect it from sunlight (even indirect sunlight can affect).
lyn 7th Feb 2015 recreation therapist
Hi Solange, I was just reading about the Epsom salt bottle and was wondering if a quick spray of clear lacquer would solve the problem. I am going to try this when I do the activity and will let you know how I went. Cheers Lyn
Solange 26th May 2014 Diversional Therapist
The salt bottles take a few hours to dry. You may place them in the sun to dry faster. When it is thoroughly dried there is very little droppings.
I hope you enjoyed the experience.
Ruth 25th May 2014 Recreation Therapist
We tried this activity yesterday & then was wanting to complete it today
but even though the epsom salts were dry, when you picked the bottles up the epson salts would come off. Hasn't been a huge success.
Carole 24th May 2014 Leisure & Lifestyle Officer
How long does it take to dry so you can move them ? I have just done one and it has been well over an hour and it still is dropping off, I put plenty of PVA glue on. I really like this idea but it isn't looking like it will be ready
at the end of an activity which is around one and a half hours. ?