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Mike 14th Jun 2016 Manager
Thankyou so much, we love these riddles!
paula 14th Aug 2015 RLO
my residents love the riddles need some more please :-)
Genevieve 17th Jul 2014 Recreational Activities Officer
Angela 17th July 2014
I absolutely love and appreciate the puzzles such as target word riddle, spot the difference and fun riddles, our residents look forward each month to tackle a new puzzle. look forward to the following month.

Thank you
karen 17th Jul 2014 Lifestyle Therapist
Hi Patricia, Log in and go to resources and go down to word games and they are all there. Karen
Patricia 16th Jul 2014 Recreational Therapist
I have not long joined Golden Carers, and would like to obtain previous riddles to this curren one. How do I go about obtaining the previous riddles? I work at an aged care facility and a lot of our residents have enjoyed this riddle.
karen 3rd Oct 2013 Lifestyle Therapist
Have just tried the puzzles with my residents and they love them. They said something different. Karen
Judy 23rd Jul 2013 Activities Co-ordinator
I have a couple of residents that do not like coming out of their rooms but like to be entertained. This will be great for them. I also will use it for a general session and it will be fun. thanks Judy.
Johnette 22nd Jul 2013 Activities Officer
I run a Day Centre 2 days per week, and we love these Riddles.
Thanks, Johnette Walker