How to host a Hawaiian Luau Party

How to host a Hawaiian Luau Party

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Kylie 30th Jul 2017 leisure and lifestyle officer
I held a Hawaii day last week and used some of your ideas. Luckily my mum has a pen friend in Hawaii, so she had lots of things that she had been sent over the years. Tea Towels, some Lava, Dolls, Jewellery, Post cards, Coconut bowls.
We had Hawaiian music. I invited the local Yukelale group to come and play for us. It was the first time they had performed in front of a group. We all got Leis as we arrived. I Made placemats with a Hawaiian theme. The clients got a card with 'How to speak Hawaiian' inside it. we had Hawaiian pizzas for lunch (which the clients made), and lovely tropical Hawaiian Fruit Salad for desert, complete with umbrellas. I decorated the tables with fake Hibiscus flowers and some Flamingos I got from from Kmart. The staff all dressed up which was great. We played pass the pineapple sponge under our chin game, tried to Hula and Limbo. The clients said it was a great day
Talita 31st Jul 2017
This sounds wonderful Kylie! Love your ideas, what an effort you went to and it sounds like it all paid off.
Solange 26th Feb 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Linda, what a great idea to host a 'Beach Themed' party. I wish you luck and would love to hear how it goes for you. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Linda 25th Feb 2012 Diversional Therapist Assistant & Assistant in Nursing Aged Care
I have just started in my new position as DT assistant and I am planning my first theme day - Beach Party. Just about got all props and decorations organised, and planning on a few games such as fishing competition, wheelchair limbo and sandcastle building comp. As it is going to be around morning tea kitchen is doing some tropical inspired treats and ice creams in cones for residents. Hoping it all goes well, wish me luck :-)
Dianne 10th Aug 2011 Recreation officer
We had a hawaiian party recently to thank our volunteers.It was a huge success and the residents had such a great time. There was a lot of work for myself organising it and making the decorations but it was worth it to see their faces. We have 3 poles by the lounge area and i turned them into palm trees. The residents made leis and I hung up some information on the walls about Hawaii.
Solange 5th Oct 2010 Diversional Therapist
Hi Rebecca, thanks for letting us know your Luau party was successful. We have one every year and it is always a lot of fun.
Rebecca 5th Oct 2010 Diversional Therapist Assistant
We had a Luau Party last fortnight, it was an absolute success. Everybody had a great time and we had Polynesian dancers come in after the big feast.

Really enjoyable day.
Solange 6th Sep 2010 Diversional Therapist
Yes Jenny, I would love to hear about your party, if possible send us a photo for all to see.
Jenny 5th Sep 2010 DT
Thank you for this segment. We are planning a cocktail mock tail with an Hawaiian theme, for the past months we have been collecting dried flowers and making our own leis, plus scouting the op shops for those lovely hawaiian shirts, will let you know how it turns out.