How to say Grandma and Grandpa in different languages

How to say Grandma and Grandpa in different languages

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CECILIA 10th Jun 2021 Social Support Group Coordinator
i just noticed:
Cuba= Abuelita and Abuelito
But not only Cubans, For most countries that speak SPANISH they call:
Abuela for Grandmother
Abuelo for Grandfather.
Susan 11th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Cecilia
Thanks for pointing this out
Gwyneth 4th Jun 2020 Volunteer
Just noticed the section on how to say grand ma and grand pa in different languages:

I am Welsh, from South Wales, and I am called Mamgu for grand mother

and for grand father it is Tadcu

but for people in North Wales it is Nain and Taid
Susan 6th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Thank you for your input Gwyneth
This will be helpful for grandparents day September
Susan 19th Oct 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for the information Charlene
Charlene 19th Oct 2019 Recreation Coordinator
Hi, Lolo for Grandfather and Lola for Grandmother in the Philippines. :)
Patricia 22nd Aug 2015 Recreation officer
Hi in Malta grandparents, Nanna and Nannu for both
Christine 7th Nov 2012 RAO
Hi, for Indian grandparents, Nana and Nani is only for the Mum's parents. It is Aji and Aja for the Dad's parents.
Solange 7th Nov 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Christine, thank you for this, I have updated the activity.
Thank you very much.