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Sunya 24th Jul 2024 Activity Director

Autobiography Club

Hi. Where do you get the pictures of the authors?
Deb 23rd Jul 2024 Activities Coordinator

Sports Bingo

Love these bingo games and cards. It's such a nice break from our regular bingo and the residents seem to really enjoy them.
Thank you so much for these!!
DT 23rd Jul 2024 National Diversional Therapist

Laminating leaves

Wow! What a clever idea.I will add this in my recreation calendar. Many thanks ????
DT 23rd Jul 2024 National Diversional Therapist

Spa Time Hand & Face Massages

Thank you for sharing this activity.
What a wonderful idea to pamper our residents ????
Louise 23rd Jul 2024 Lifestyle Lead

8 Tips for Planning Successful Dog Visits for Seniors

Thanking you all kindl
Frances 22nd Jul 2024 Activities Coordinator

How to Celebrate Lighthouse Day

last year i made a lighthouse from different sized plant pots painted with white strips and black windows and attached a Childs basket ball net on a small pole to the top and we played rough seas ball toss. I'm sorry I can not find any pictures on my computer they most be on my works phone
Marie 19th Jul 2024 Manager

Jamaican Bingo

Oh my goodness! I am sooooo happy.

Thank you so much for taking on board my comments and adjusting the activity accordingly so quickly. This now, is so much more representative of the people and culture of Jamaica.

May I also thank the person who initially submitted the activity and hope they are also pleased with the changes made.

I will now, of course, be doing this Jamaican Bingo with my clients at the earliest opportunity. Thanks again, Marie :-)
Sue 19th Jul 2024 Pca/life Style Coordinator

Artist Impression - Paul Gauguin - Still Life With Teapot And Fruits

Love these and wish you had more my memory support group enjoy doing these .
Bernadette 19th Jul 2024 Activity Director

The Power of Silence in Senior Care

This is a nice idea. Our residents will like it.
Rachel 17th Jul 2024 Mentor - Dementia Support

Travel Songs Sing-Along

It's a nice to end and bring the session down with the coming "home" songs!
Pretha 16th Jul 2024 Occupational Therapist

Vibrant Paint Spinning Art

Love this idea! Simple but looks affective.
Thanks for sharing.
Margaret 15th Jul 2024 CHSP CoOrdinator

Curious Customs from Medieval Times

This is the exact thing that will get my ladies chatting away.
They Love the unusual things I find to share with them.
Keep these coming please.
Cher 15th Jul 2024 Well Being Leader

What to Bring Game

Glad people are enjoying in other homes.
Lisa Badger 12th Jul 2024

The Envelope Game

You can also hand out playing cards, instead of rolling dice. Make sure wveryone gets equal # of cards. Then with a second deck that matches the first deck, shuffle and then call the card. If player has the card they can steal someone else's envelope. Same game concept but using cards.
Letitia 11th Jul 2024 4theLOv3!

What to Bring Game

Love this! With the Paris Olympics coming soon, I will add this to our travel edition of Price is Right! Should be fun!
Rob 11th Jul 2024 Diversional Therapist

What to Bring Game

Hi Cher

Thanks for sharing, great activity, my Clients really enjoyed this. Great participation levels and high engagement

Cheers Rob
Bobbie 10th Jul 2024 Carer/activity Assistant

Poetry Club

Thank you for sharing Marine, I have a few would be poets, individually they write poems, the idea of a "poets club" is fantastic, I have put it to the small group and their response is fantastic.
Thank you
Kathryn 10th Jul 2024 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - August 2024

I am starting my role as activities coordinator next week. How useful is it to join..Do you get lots my re information and help .
Thank you
Ruth 10th Jul 2024 Site Mgr

Grocery Ad Scavenger Hunt

I am excited about this game; Grocery Ad Scavenger Hunt it sounds like fun. I am adding it to my August Calendar of activities for my seniors. I will let you know later how they like it.

Ruth Smith
Greenwood Senior Center Manager
Sarina 9th Jul 2024 Leisure and Wellness Coordinator

5 Engaging Read-Aloud Activities for Seniors

Please print some more, my residents enjoyed the reading aloud participation stories.
Lillian 9th Jul 2024 Activities/recreation Services For Adult Family Home

Aromatherapy Bingo

I love this!

Maybe we can create some more cards, each one different, so that it would be more like real bingo.

If I ever make the time to do it myself, I promise I will attach the images! ????
Louise 9th Jul 2024 Lifestyle Lead

8 Tips for Planning Successful Dog Visits for Seniors

Hi Everyone,
Just want to say what an excellent site we have here, and it gives us more idea every month and thank you to all those involved. I would like to reach out and see if anyone knows of a Dog Therapy that visits age care residents, we are on the Northside of Brisbane, but they have to be reputable company. Kind Regards Louise Dunn
Amy 8th Jul 2024 Activity Coordinator

Read-Aloud Audience Participation Story #20

This was a lot of fun! We used it for our “Beach Day Social” as one of our activities. I can’t wait to try more of these in the future!
Letitia 8th Jul 2024 4theLOv3!

Price is Right - Picnic Edition

Thank you, Amy! The Price is Right is a monthly activity for us because game shows are a big hit in our facility! I’m so glad you and those you serve enjoyed it and I love the price range idea!
Ashleigh 8th Jul 2024 Activities co-ordinator

Spinning balloons

Once the hairdryer is blowing on them they spin in a circle. The tape should not separate.
Christie 8th Jul 2024 Lifestyle Assistant

Spinning balloons

Hi there... please help us understand better. When you say the balloons are, "spinning in the air"... how? Do they release from the double sided tape? How do they go from stuck down to moving?

Thank you.

Kind Regards,
Wendy 8th Jul 2024

Match Songs with Movies

The residents love this so much!! thank you
Amy 6th Jul 2024 Activity Coordinator

Sunflowers Poster Group Activity

This was such a crowd pleaser! Thank you so much! We also enjoyed the ocean poster craft too! Keep the group craft ideas coming!
Lifestyle 4th Jul 2024 National Registrated Diversional Therapist

Coloring for Seniors - Ladybug

thank you great pictures for themes
Tania 3rd Jul 2024 Recreation Therapist

Matching Activity - Name the Vehicle

As a Rec Therapist in Canada I use this site all the time. So many great ideas!
Amy 3rd Jul 2024 Activity Coordinator

Price is Right - Picnic Edition

This was so fun! The activity lasted the perfect amount of time (1 hour). My residents really enjoyed it! I did make an adjustment and gave them a price rage to guess for each item.
Amy 3rd Jul 2024 Activity Coordinator

Twister Bean Bag Toss

This was an absolute winner! All my residents enjoyed playing. We added some different variations (toss with eyes closed, etc) and point system. We even used the spinner to make it more challenging and they had to throw their bean bag on the color they spun.
Denise 3rd Jul 2024 Activity Coordinator

4 Amusing Senior Stories

Thank you! love to mix this in with activities.
Linda 2nd Jul 2024 Allied Health Assistant

Find the Hidden Objects - Beach Activities

Thank you Golden Carers for amazing activities available -
many wonderful hours of enjoyment to provide.
Lorraine 2nd Jul 2024 Lifestyle Coordinator Riverside

Modified Beer Pong

We play a similar game at Christmas , only we also have a scratchie ticket in some cups, and some cups are empty. Much hilarity.
Eunice Barnard 2nd Jul 2024 Fasilitator

Create your own Bingo Games!

Love this site

How to host an Olympic Games Theme Day

These are such fun games! My residents will love them! I love Golden Carers and I recommend it to others all the time.
Fiona 27th Jun 2024 Activities Co Ordinater

Sunflowers Poster Group Activity

All the residents really enjoyed doing the sunflowers
Thank you
Kennedy 25th Jun 2024 Activities Coordinator

Words in Words Game

Hi there! Does anyone have any other ideas for words to use for this game? I'm out of ideas at Transportation and Pedestrian!
Vera 25th Jun 2024 Activities Director

How to Celebrate Bastille Day

where is the powerpoint presentation? Id love to use it but dont see an attachment or downloadable PowerPoint.
Jennifer 21st Jun 2024 Administrator

Foam Flower Creations

great craft! Would love to have the flower template provided. This took a lot of time to find one online.
Marion 17th Jun 2024 Diversional Therapist

Caption the Pictures #2

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I collect funny pictures and make them to use as books to look through with residents I provide 1-1 visits for. These are perfect and so funny! I look forward to resident remarks. I know they'll enjoy them.
Christine 17th Jun 2024 Retired

Funny Poems by Roald Dahl

I really look forward to reading all the ideas regularly and am particularly fond of poems and jokes and quizzes. The staff where I Volunteer also enjoy joining in and are quite often amazed at how receptive and knowledgeable many of the elderly Residents are considering their Dementia diagnosis so keeping them busy and involved in thinking is the best medicine. I personally so wish more people would Volunteer in Care Homes as it is so rewarding.
Lisa 15th Jun 2024 Activities for Seniors

Spot the Differences - Winter

Edale 13th Jun 2024 Volunteer

Canada Word Search

I think the answers would be clearer if highlighted in red (or some other colour) on the solution page. Otherwise, I'm sure our members will enjoy "searching" for the words. Good Word Search.
Kathleen 12th Jun 2024 Clinical Nurse Manager

16 Local History Activity Ideas to Engage Seniors

Our facility is in a rural town 200 kms from the nearest city.
I have worked as an Activity Coordinator for 13 years.
One of my first projects was to get historic pictures of our area, print and laminate them.
Over the years I have collected about 200 historic pictures
All our Residents and visitors love these photos. They discuss the photo's content and it also prompts them to talk about the "old days"
I have learnt many new things about the history of this area from this activity
Kellissa 12th Jun 2024 Student

Jokes to Share

that is funny
Elena 9th Jun 2024 Coordinator

The King's Crown Craft

Very good easy idea! Thanks so much.
Letitia 9th Jun 2024 4theLOv3!

French Words Quiz

Planning a week of Paris and French activities the first week of the Summer Olympics! This will be a fun activity for that week!
Diane 8th Jun 2024 Activity Coordinator

25 Fun Summer Trip Ideas

Thank you, Susan