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Heather 26th Apr 2017 Life Enrichment Aide
I work evening in our life enrichment department. Our residents love games and socials. I am so going to try this out. It looks like fun.
Talita 30th Apr 2017
Love to hear how it goes Heather! Thanks for your feedback.
Cheryl 27th Jan 2015 Lifestyle Therapist
Always looking for new games for residents that provide variety while at the same time exercising and socializing is involved. Its a win win situation.
John 2nd Apr 2014 Semi-retired
A friend has told me about a game of "bowls" that can be played on the surface of a regular Pool Table.
The benefits for aged participants are:
(1) It is played standing up, without the need to bend.
(2) All that is needed is an old pool table and a set of numbered "Kelly" pool balls. - These balls have an inbuilt bias, in the same way as regular lawn bowls.
(3) A game can involve a number of players, and of course several watchers.
I am interested to know whether anyone has seen this activity in action.
Ron 19th Aug 2013 RAO
Hi Denise
I notice that Aldi have the Pool Balls on special at $19.95 on Saturady 24th Aug, you will need two sets. If you know anyone from a larger town that has an Aldi, they could buy them for you, this is very cheap.

denise 15th Aug 2013 personal carer
Hi,We are in a very small country town we have15 residents, Where can you buy the bowls from ,can anything else be used it sounds like a great game
Ron 18th Aug 2013 RAO
Hello Denise, here is an Ebay site with them for sale, you will need two sets. Just copy this address and paste it into your web browser.
Liz 25th Aug 2012 Leisure and Health Therapist
this looks like a perfect activity for my group, thanks
Solange 25th Aug 2012 Diversional Therapist
Interesting variation of carpet bowling, I shall try it. Thanks Ron.
Ron 24th Aug 2012 RAO
Further to our MarPoolBowls, we have now started a monthly competition with another section of our village, vying for the impressive, much sort after, MarPool Bowls trophy.
It is lovely to see the response to this competition, all of a sudden it's no longer a game, it's a challange, us Westerweller Warriors (with Red bandanas around our heads like ninjas) against the Winter Garden Gladiators (they have green)
We have six players on each team facing each other with the kitty in the middle, we take alternate turns at bowling and it's best out of seven games.
Score after 2 months WWW= 1 WGG= 1
In the end the game was the winner, producing sssssooooo much fun.
We can't wait for the rematch.
talita 9th Aug 2012
Thanks Ron, this is another great activity!