Peanut Auction

Peanut Auction

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This is the most popular activity that we do and our Residents absolutely love it.  It's a lot of fun with lots of laughs for not much money!  The residents go crazy!  Oh my....they are so competitive.

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Carol 27th Dec 2018
We did this activity as a silent activity as not all out clients speak English. We used poker chips as money. Most of our items were donated. I had talked to some of the participants before as to what they would like and several mentioned needlework kits even ones started. Our local Rescue Mission had several for a little bit of money and 2 were donated. Other big hits was were jars of sugar free candy and fleece lap blankets which were donated. The participants enjoyed it so much and can't wait to do it again. Keep the great ideas coming!
Jennifer 1st Jun 2018 Activity Director
Fun idea! I do auctions every so often with fake money that I found (clip art). I just printed the money on paper, cut them out and give them each the same amount of money. I do $15.00 each. I made a rule, though, that they can only raise the bit by either one or two dollars. That way they don't just automatically bid their full $15.00 right off the bat. It also makes the game last a little longer and gives some of the slower residents some time to think.
Talita 4th Jun 2018
Great suggestions, thanks Jennifer!
Abigail 25th Jul 2017 Well Being Coordinator
This is a brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing :) I'll need to have to find something different to peanuts as in England alot of work places won't allow them due to allergies, but awesome idea! :)
Joanne 26th Jul 2017 Activity Director
Joanne 1st Jun 2017 Activity Director
Awesome Sandra!!! We hold this event monthly. I usually purchase things that they can use like tissues etc, they love cookies, cracker jack they especially the homemade breads and cookies when we make them. I usually package them nicely! They go crazy over those items!! just more ideas for you :O) JO
Sandra 31st May 2017 Recreation Officer
Held our first peanut auction today. We used small trinket gifts etc as the items for auction. The residents had a ball, so much laughter and competitiveness. Great activity that we will hold again. Thank you.
Joanne 26th Apr 2017 Activity Director
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Peanut Auction
Talita 30th Apr 2017
This sounds like a lot of fun Joanne! Thanks for sharing!