Monthly Activity Attendance Checklist - Individual

Monthly Activity Attendance Checklist - Individual

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There are a few ways to record programmed actitives attendance. This is a monthly attendance checklist for individuals. The advantage of this form is that you can see at a glance how a resident is doing.

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ruth 7th Jan 2014 Recreational Therapist
Hi Kate
I am in the middle of doing cert Iv in aromatherapy by online course it is fairly expensive,,I spoke to my facility manager and explained the benefits it could have for nursing home residents.
They gave me a scholarship payed by the company...put it to your manager. Try For information
Kate 2nd Jan 2014 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
our facility changed to recording this on the pc a few years ago but recently changed back to checking off manually. 1 form x 40 residents filled out daily. not sure what i'd prefer ??
dorothy 4th Apr 2013 diversional therapist
hi julie , i use a monthly sheet one for each person i have mine on our IT system really easy to use and it is great for evidence base and it is measurable you can easily see if there are anyone missing out you can easily pick up the gaps it's great for accreditation and great for care plan reviews .
Julie 1st Apr 2013 Diversional Therapist
We currently use a monthly form, (by 80 residents) but I am thinking a daily form with each resident on that form would be more productive. It would use less paper, and you would be able to check off each activity daily as you go. Also good for viewing what activities are well attended or not. Opinions please welcome.
Kathy 24th Feb 2012 Carer
Thanks Solange, I will give it another try, because that will be very handy for me ......KathyBrooker
Solange 24th Feb 2012 Diversional Therapist
Hi Kathy, I've just tested it out and it does work on an IPad.
Kathy 23rd Feb 2012 Carer
Hi, just wondering if this attendance sheet can be used on an I Pad, It is a great site kind regards KathyBrooker