A powerpoint presentation including many of our favorite television programs of the past. Useful for ZOOM programming; share your screen with your clients and have them guess the name of the tv show.

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Katja 27th Sep 2021 Recreation Activiites Officer
This is great but would be even better if the theme song from the show can be played as well. Makes it come to life.....
Are you able to try and do this?
The only other way is to make a spotify playlist.....
Vicky 28th Dec 2022 Activity Co Ordinator
I use Alexa normally has most themes on it x
ANA 28th Jan 2021 Recreation Aide
Really amazing and useful for our residents, as well. Thank you very much!
Faye 20th Oct 2020 Recreation Coordinator
Well done activity
Marge 17th Oct 2020 Respite Coordinator
This is a great activity. We all loved it. Thanks for sharing.
Keeley 14th Oct 2020 Recreation Coordinator
Thank you for sharing!! Great resource
Susan 10th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Great idea Megan
Where do you get the theme songs??
Thanks for sharing
Megan 15th Oct 2020 Therapeutic Activities Services Worker
I pulled them up from YouTube. You can also find short clips from the show and sometimes even full episodes! My folks loved seeing the clips and sang along to some of the theme shows
Megan 9th Oct 2020 Therapeutic Activities Services Worker
Our residents love these kinds of activities! Thank you for sharing. A great addition to this activity would be to play the theme songs that go with the shows.
Raylene 7th Oct 2020
Thank you for the activity name that show. I think my residents will enjoy it very much.
Stefanie 7th Oct 2020 Executive Director
This is so great! Thanks so much for sharing.
Talita 28th Sep 2020
Wow Jen, th is is amazing! Thank you for sharing!