A homemade Thanksgiving Tree can be made from cardboard attached to a wall or whiteboard.

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Mercedes 26th Mar 2020 Activities Coordinator
I am so grateful for Golden Carers. could not do without it. Thank you so much!!!
Talita 30th Mar 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Mercedes x
Josephine 10th Jan 2019 Activities Assistant
I am amazed at the activities on this site, so thrilled I joined it.
Talita 12th Jan 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Josephine! This means a lot to us x
Talita 20th Nov 2017
Thank you so much for your feedback Tshai! This is so wonderful to hear! x
Tshai 14th Nov 2017 Psychologist
These ideas are so very helpful. Our seniors who would not normally want to participate, enjoy the activities. I like that ideas are complete, so we can know exactly how to make them work. They liked making the "Thankful Leaves." God bless