Today I started a poetry club with my residents. We read a collection of poems with a common theme and discussed them and reminisced. This is an inspiring social activity for seniors.

This is an inspiring social activity for seniors. Read a collection of poems with a common theme, and then discuss & reminisce.

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Bobbie 10th Jul 2024 Carer/activity Assistant
Thank you for sharing Marine, I have a few would be poets, individually they write poems, the idea of a "poets club" is fantastic, I have put it to the small group and their response is fantastic.
Thank you
Liz 4th Jun 2017 Activities Officer
I am interested to know your favourite poets. We mostly start with Banjo P, Henry Lawson and Helen Steiner rice.

I would like to do poetry writing . Do you offer a format for those that do not know where to start. I am thinking of trialing some Cinquains.
Look forward to hearing any suggestions.Than you !!
Maria 20th Jul 2016 Lifestyle Assistant
I'd like to start poetry reading in my facility as well. Just like to know what poems that I can start with. Your suggestions will be appreciated.
Sharon 9th Sep 2014 RAO
We have poetry read once a week, and the residents really enjoy this activity. They especially enjoy listening to Banjo Patison, and many are able to recite verse's, and these are medium to high care dementia residents.
Wendy 2nd Sep 2014 Lifestyle
we have recently started a poetry & tim tam session we make nice coffee from the sachets,serve tim tams then we read the poetry,we have one book written by one of our residents plus keep our eyes out for nice poems, we have also reminisced with nursery rhymes,and played around with writing some our residents look forward to poetry reading
Christine 6th Apr 2013 Volunteer reader
I do reading once a month, usually theme based, and always manage to slip in a poem or two as well. My little group love performance poetry and the Australian Bush Poetry is really great for that. Enjoy.
Fess 4th Feb 2013 Activities Co-ordinator
I have been running a poetry and music group now for around 2 years, if your Residents are anything like mine, the love for this group will grow stronger every week and you'll get in trouble if for some reason you can run the group on the scheduled day.
Good luck with your group.
Wendy 22nd Jan 2013
Hi we have poetry x3 monthly and show DVD clips of the poets, their work and life and also read some of the famous poems they have written. We have residents who are Egyptian Greeks and have sent personal invitations to these people when discussing poets from Egyptian Greek back ground. We place posters up of the poets also, our residents love poetry group
Eileen 22nd Jan 2013
I started a Poet's Corner Group with my residents and we meet 1-2 times a month and we all sit there pick a topic of interest and write a poem with everyone having input. I'm pleased to say that we have just recently had our Poe'ts Corner Book No1 Launch here and we now sell the book for a fundraising idea. All residents involved were given certificates of Participation. We are into our 2nd book at the moment. Eileen
talita 18th Jan 2013
This is a wonderful idea Marnie, thanks for sharing! Please keep us posted on the progress.