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Talita 8th Jun 2020
Hello everyone! This quiz has been updated and should be easier to follow now
Susan 8th Jun 2020 Activity Director
Here is some information about queen
Nasrin 5th Jun 2020 Lifestyle
I am also having trouble finding Trivia for Queen's birthday
Jo-ann 17th May 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Can't find it either
Vicky 16th May 2018 Manager
Hi there,
Sorry, here are the Youtube links for the sounds quiz:

1) The Queen's voice:

2) The Queen's coronation:

3) Oaklahoma:

4) Winston Churchill:

5) God Save the Queen:

Hope you enjoy it!
Restvale 16th May 2018 lifestyle & volunteer coordinator
Hi folks,
couldn't find the text for the quiz??
Melissa 12th May 2018 Activity Co Ordinator
Thank you so much for this. I can't seem to find the quiz on YouTube? Can someone tell me where it ?
Deb 15th May 2018 Activity Officer
I’m also having problems finding the Quiz for the Royal Trivia Quiz
Vicky 4th May 2018 Manager
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Royal Quiz