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Jacqueline 26th Jul 2017
fab I'm going to try this ! We have peppermint and sage growing in our pots , and I have some lavender to spare!
Madalena 12th Jan 2017
I Try the activity and the final result was disappointing , the soaps weren't as smooth as I thought they will be.But lovely activity for reminiscence
Pamela 2nd Oct 2016
Thank you for this simple cost effective recipe, I work at a respite centre and this will be an excellent activity for our guests to do. Not only are they creating something useful at the centre, they can also take this home with them to use.
Julianne 10th Aug 2016
How does this apply to work safe issue, aromatherapy & oils in nursing homes.
Desma 24th Jan 2016
Thank you for this simply recipe. Excellent for adding various fragrances in different batches such other herbs from the herb garden and scented flowers. Residents can help with choosing the fragrance they want and then can pick from the facility's gardens eg lemon grass, rose pettles, citrus leaves, etc. The herbs or scented flowers/leaves can then be air dried and scrunched up and added to the soap mix plus a few drops of essential oil to match. Great activity for empowering our residents to make their personal choices for the fragrances, and then to enjoy giving the finished product as a gift to another resident or friend/relative ie one for the resident and one for her/him to give away. cheers Desma
Jacqui 2nd Dec 2015
good idea some of my people really enjoy watching things like soap being made and others enjoy the scented soaps
Dawn 11th Nov 2015
Thank you I have been looking for a simple soap making recipe for sometime. This activity will be use in conjunction with aromatherapy.
Kind regards Dawn
Heather 17th Oct 2015
Love this idea , will certainly be adding to my program . Thanks for sharing
Josephine 5th May 2015
Hi Judy, what a lovely activity ! Thanks for sending this in for others to try. Cheers Jessie
Judy 4th May 2015
A new activity has been submitted by Judy: Soap Making Recipe