Tap dancing

Tap dancing

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Maureen 25th Aug 2017 activities officier
Hi folks this is a great exercise. and so much fun.
Janet 9th Mar 2017 Physiotherapy Assistant & MultiSkilled Carer
I love this idea, but would you be able to give us a sample like in you tube?
Katja 13th Jan 2017 Recreation Activiites Officer
Like the idea with the wide elastic and buttons very quick and easy to attach to shoes....good to try with small group though....
Janet 12th Jan 2017 Physiotherapy Assistant & MultiSkilled Carer
Do you have DVD showing us how to apply the tap dancing in age care, so that the group will move in uniform.
Talita 1st Jan 2017
Love to hear feedback from people who have tried this activity!
Janet 28th Dec 2016 PCA/Lifestyle
Tap dancing sounds a fun exercise. Will definitely try this out.
Janet 15th Dec 2016 Physiotherapy Assistant & MultiSkilled Carer
I love this concepts, I so excited to try this with some of our residents at age care facilities.
Thank you for sharing.
Audrey 10th Aug 2016 Activity Department
What is the best thing to use to get coins to stick to bottom of residents
Glenis 16th Aug 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
I have been tap dancing with my residents for a while using wide elastic that goes over there shoes with flat buttons stitched to it.
karen 4th Feb 2015 Leisure/lifestyle assistant
Hi. I would like to teach my residents tap dancing. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? Much appreciated. Karen
Sue 23rd Sep 2014 Lifestyle Officer
I love this idea x
Joanne 8th Jul 2014 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Love it...can't wait to try....
Heather 1st Jul 2014 Recreation Activities Officer
Love this idea, I am going to certainly give it a go with a few residents. Thanks for sharing
Ron 25th Jun 2014 RAO
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