How many words can you make with the letters in the square? All words must contain the letter inside the black square.
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How many words can you make with the letters in the grid?

All words must contain the letter inside the black square.

Each letter can be used only once per word.

Words must contain at least three letters.

Names can be used.

There is no 9-letter word in this game.

Files included:

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Target Letter Game 1

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Zeba 20th Nov 2020 Senior Coordinator
I played this game with all the groups and they loved it. Good brain boosting exercises.
Thank you Golden Careers for your amazing sites.
But please try to add more videos related activities eg: "Do you Hear what I hear" sound exercises.
Thank you
Talita 22nd Nov 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Zeba! I will send you an email about the video request.
Leesha 8th Jul 2020 Coordinator Day Centre
Thank you for this activity. We played on the whiteboard and managed to get everyone in the group involved - fantastic!
Talita 12th Jul 2020
So good to hear, thanks Leesha!
Sue 4th May 2020 Program Coordinator
Please can someone tell me the nine letter word.
Kerrily 3rd Jul 2020 Lifestyle Staff
That's my question, too. lol
Talita 15th Jul 2020
There is no 9 letter word possible in this word game. Some 9 word puzzles are available here:

More coming soon!
Susan 28th Jun 2019 Activity Director
Wow ladies I am so glad you find this useful you could probably make up your own
If you want you could share with us
That would be great
Thank you
D'Ayrne 27th Jun 2019 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
Our residents really enjoyed this activity and managed to make 70 words! We needed a bigger whiteboard!
Talita 27th Jun 2019
Wow that is an impressive number of words! Well done team!
Beatrice 10th Jul 2018 Special Educator
can you go diagonally? like for the letters BACK?
Solange 16th Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist
Hi Beatrice, yes, you can go any way you want as long as every word contains the middle letter (in any position). Do not repeat any letters!
For instance: Take the letter 'L': Lad, lace, lack, led, let
Take the letter 'P': Place, pal, pea, pat, pace.
Take the letter 'A': Ace, Ape, At, Able, Ale.
It is a good brain game that eventually becomes very popular.
Talita 9th Jan 2017
Thanks for your feedback Lorraine & Jodie!
Lorraine 3rd Jan 2017 Diversional Therapist
This game encourages Residents to think and communicate with each other by working together they came up with some creative words
Jodie 19th Jul 2016 Recreational activities officer
My residents loved this, they managed to make 44 words
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