The Envelope Game

The Envelope Game

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Ashley 22nd Apr 2016 Activity Coordinator
I've done this game a couple of times now at the Dementia Unit I work at, and it's worked wonderfully. They really love it! As far as the numbers, I have the 12 envelopes but have numbers 1-6, two times each on the envelopes and that has worked. Thanks for this activity!
chant 25th Mar 2016
Thank you for the gr8 idea. I just downloaded the app!
Mike 8th Mar 2016 Manager
Thankyou, sounds like a fun new game to play and as you say brings on great discussions.
chant 6th Mar 2016
By using the glue gun to either write the number, or make a dice shape on envelopes with the numbers, or making braille marks on envelopes by the use of a glue gun enters that extra sensory dynamic.
chant 6th Mar 2016
Unfortunately, I only ever have played with up to 12 individuals (Usually, several groups of 4-5 participants) thus the 1-12 numbers on the dice.
I guess until I can think of a solution for being able to play with a group of more than 12 individuals, would be to make double or triples of the numbers 1-12.
Or, making several groups of 12, and making that many more envelopes with money.

Roslyn 23rd Mar 2016 Occupational Therapist Assistant
Why don't you use a spinner or use an app like Random Hat Generator to choose the names/ numbers?
Talita 4th Mar 2016
Thanks for submitting this activity Chant!
Just to clarify - how would envelopes that have a number on them greater than 6 be distributed? The rules say that whatever number you roll is the number envelope you pickup (or steal) - so I was just wondering what happens with numbers not on the dice.

Thanks Chant!
chant 4th Mar 2016
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