What I personally love about this game, is that everyone knows about money, they love looking at it and counting it!

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Judy 1st Oct 2020 Occupational Therapist
Shannon 24th Jul 2019 Activity Director
Amazing idea
Terrie 2nd Jul 2019 Activity Director
My residents love playing the Envelope Game!
Ashley 22nd Apr 2016 Activity Coordinator
I've done this game a couple of times now at the Dementia Unit I work at, and it's worked wonderfully. They really love it! As far as the numbers, I have the 12 envelopes but have numbers 1-6, two times each on the envelopes and that has worked. Thanks for this activity!
chant 25th Mar 2016
Thank you for the gr8 idea. I just downloaded the app!
Mike 8th Mar 2016 Manager
Thankyou, sounds like a fun new game to play and as you say brings on great discussions.
chant 6th Mar 2016
By using the glue gun to either write the number, or make a dice shape on envelopes with the numbers, or making braille marks on envelopes by the use of a glue gun enters that extra sensory dynamic.
chant 6th Mar 2016
Unfortunately, I only ever have played with up to 12 individuals (Usually, several groups of 4-5 participants) thus the 1-12 numbers on the dice.
I guess until I can think of a solution for being able to play with a group of more than 12 individuals, would be to make double or triples of the numbers 1-12.
Or, making several groups of 12, and making that many more envelopes with money.

Roslyn 23rd Mar 2016 Occupational Therapist Assistant
Why don't you use a spinner or use an app like Random Hat Generator to choose the names/ numbers?
Talita 4th Mar 2016
Thanks for submitting this activity Chant!
Just to clarify - how would envelopes that have a number on them greater than 6 be distributed? The rules say that whatever number you roll is the number envelope you pickup (or steal) - so I was just wondering what happens with numbers not on the dice.

Thanks Chant!
Gloria 12th Jul 2019 Activity Aide
I guess for that you would use 2 dice.
chant 4th Mar 2016
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