Superstitions are widespread and every culture have their own. Plan a 'Superstition Bash' event to discuss and explore superstitions from around the world. The elderly will enjoy recalling and reminiscing about superstitions from their childhood.

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Darla 26th Feb 2018 Activity and Volunteer Coordinator
Very good work on this program. Very thorough, and many good ideas tying into superstitious events. Also liked the idea to build in poetry, for poetry month!
Francis 8th Feb 2017 Diversional Therapist
My residents are the same' they just love the quizzes. Because the majority have all been such great readers these words have stayed in their memories. Keep up the great work!
michelle 22nd Mar 2016 receation therapist
thanks for the great resources, my residents love quizzes, and any word games.
Talita 22nd Mar 2016
Thanks for your feedback Michelle! We love hearing what activities work well. More quizzes and word games has been noted!
Sandy 14th Mar 2016 Recreational Activity Officer
Thank you for this detailed idea. We will do this tomorrow and I expect it will generate lots of discussions.
Talita 20th Mar 2016
Thanks for your feedback Sandy, would love to hear how it went!
Sandy 20th Mar 2016
Hi Talita.
Our clients were absolutely fascinated in The Ides of March & superstitions. They came up with others, many from their parents/childhood so it was a great discussion topic. Many thanks for sharing.
Talita 21st Mar 2016
That's great to hear Sandy, thanks for letting us know. We will find some new and interesting stories to add to the superstitions theme.
Kymberly 29th Jan 2014 Activities Coordinator
I bring along an old saying every week, such as 'mad as a 2 bob watch'. We talk about what it means when people say it, and whereabouts it came from or originated. Interesting information can be found online, and things that are common to say now often come from the 1500s. Mad as a hatter came from the potent oils they used to treat their leather with.
debbie 28th Jan 2014 day centre coordinator

It never ceases to amaze me with the different activities on this web site. Once again I never thought of the Ides of March. This is a comprehensive activity and thank you for writing this. I am grateful for this site as it makes our job that much easier the variety is fantastic and I am re energised every time I log one.

I am already planning for the 15th March.