A reminiscing magazine for every day in November!  Enjoy a full page of information about every day of the year, including important historical events, short biographies, jokes, quotes, and fun brain teasers.

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Dene 30th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist
My residents really love This Day in History, the memories come flooding out and they are sometimes amazed at themselves for remembering things when prompted by a bit of news. When is the December Day in History going to be out please? Keep up the great work this is an awesome site, I have used so much from here over the years.
Talita 30th Oct 2018
Hi Dene, thanks so much for your feedback! The December issue is out now!
Tamara 4th Oct 2018 Activities Manager
I cannot tell you how much I benefit from this website. I truly amazes me!
Talita 8th Oct 2018
Thank you so much Tamara! These sorts of comments make our day! x