A reminiscing magazine for every day in November!  Enjoy a full page of information about every day of the year, including important historical events, short biographies, jokes, quotes, and fun brain teasers.

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Sylvania 8th Nov 2022
Is their any italian version?
Talita 14th Nov 2022
There is no Italian version at this stage Sylvania, sorry about that x
Sylvania 15th Nov 2021
Is their any French version
Talita 16th Nov 2021
Not yet Sylvania, but it is something we are looking into. We've had a few requests for a French version.
Susan 14th Nov 2022 Activity Director
Hi Sylvania
In the meantime try some of these activities
Talita 31st Oct 2021
This Spanish version of the November This Day in History is available here:
Melissa 21st Sep 2021
Do you have the November This Day in History in Spanish? Thank you.
Talita 25th Sep 2021
It will be out next month Melissa!
Teresa 28th Oct 2021 ADC Manager
Hello, Will the November This Day in History be available in Spanish?
Babette 26th Nov 2020 Occupational Therapist

I just love these, thank you for making them!

I was also wondering if you could maybe post the templates? I'm from Belgium and would love to translate them and maybe ad some local famous people :)

Talita 8th Dec 2020
Hi Babette, thank so much for your feedback! The templates are not available in a format that we could easily share with you iunfortunately. We are currently translating the series into Spanish and French is next. What language do your residents speak? Thanks Babette. All the best!
Susan 13th Apr 2021 Activity Director
Can you help Tess please
Jane 5th Nov 2020 Day Service Supervisor
This is about my favourite thing on the site - however my dementia client pointed out on December 5th (Guess who printed the wrong month off?!) that Walt Disney would NOT have been 65 when he died if he was born in 1901 and died in 1996 - according to google he died in 1966? :)
Talita 9th Nov 2020
Well spotted! This has been fixed! Thanks for bringing this to our attention Jane.
Stephanie 29th Oct 2020 Activity Planner
We pass this out during breakfast and our residents enjoy and brings up lots of fun conversations.

Talita 9th Nov 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Stephanie!
Dene 30th Oct 2018 Diversional Therapist
My residents really love This Day in History, the memories come flooding out and they are sometimes amazed at themselves for remembering things when prompted by a bit of news. When is the December Day in History going to be out please? Keep up the great work this is an awesome site, I have used so much from here over the years.
Talita 30th Oct 2018
Hi Dene, thanks so much for your feedback! The December issue is out now!
Tamara 4th Oct 2018 Activities Manager
I cannot tell you how much I benefit from this website. I truly amazes me!
Talita 8th Oct 2018
Thank you so much Tamara! These sorts of comments make our day! x