A reminiscing magazine for every day in September! Enjoy the next edition of the popular 'This Day in History' series with historical trivia, jokes, quotes and biographies!

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June 29th Aug 2023 Activities Co-ordinator
i read On This Day every morning to our residents.
Any piece of history that I know our residents would be really interested in, I do more research on it. We have had some wonderful conversations, even trying to remember what we were doing or where we were when. a particular event happened.
thank you for all the wonderful ideas and information.
Talita 4th Sep 2023
That's wonderful to hear June, thank you so much for your feedback!
Judith 29th Aug 2021 Day Care Assistant
Not sure if I'm being thick here but why are there two seperate sets of On This Day? Am I missing something??
Talita 30th Aug 2021
Hi Judith, there are different biographies for each set.
Susan 10th Sep 2020 Activity Director
This is a great idea thank you
Martha 10th Sep 2020 Director
Our adult day program used this resource everyday right after we discussed the current events with coffee. Now, we do Zooms two times per week and the participants can see the information on their computer screen and follow along.
Lydia 8th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Since I'm a staff of 1 with 65 residents, I can't change the "This Day in History" every day - no time!  So I print off the whole month, put it in a binder, and leave it on the table below the Activity Bulletin Board.  Someone (not me) flips over to the next day all month long, and I've observed residents holding the binder on their lap and sitting on the comfy chair by the bulletin board reading "today's" entry.
Talita 8th Sep 2020
Wow Lydia you have your hands full. Thanks so much for your feedback and all the best to you!
Susan 9th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Wow Lydia very creative of you
John 28th Aug 2020 Lifestyle Worker
Our residents look forward to On This Day.
Talita 8th Sep 2020
Thanks for your feedback John!
Cristy 15th Aug 2020 Service Coordinator
My seniors absolutely love this! What a wonderful feature that you offer. Thank you so much!!
Talita 15th Aug 2020
Thanks so much for your feedback Cristy!
Jean 10th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
Thank you so much, that's fantastic.
Jean 9th Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
Is it going to become a regular feature? I would love to use it at 10AM teatime each day but do appreciate that it is a lot of work.
Talita 9th Aug 2020
Hi Jean, yes, this is a monthly feature! You can find the full set here: https://www.goldencarers.com/this-day-in-history/
Jean 1st Aug 2020 Activities Coordinator
We will also make good use of this activity over morning coffee, Thank you
Talita 2nd Aug 2020
Thanks for your feedback Jean!
Ana 13th Sep 2018 Activity Director
Where are the answers to the riddles?
Talita 13th Sep 2018
Hi Ana, the answers to the riddles are on the last page.
Jayleen 29th Aug 2018 Activity Assistant
I had no idea Golden Carers posted something like this! LOVE IT - and so will the residents.
Talita 31st Aug 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback Jayleen!
Estia Health 28th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Coordinator
Our residents love this. I tell them every morning what happened on this day.
Talita 3rd Sep 2018
Thank you very much for your feedback!
Carolina 6th Aug 2018 Lifestyle Assistant
Thank you, there are a lot of ideas to see and learn here.
Great site!
Talita 3rd Sep 2018
Thanks so much Carolina!
Jo 31st Jul 2018 Diversional Therapist
Yay. These are the best. I know there is a lot of work compiling these but they are just the BEST.
Thank you
Talita 5th Aug 2018
Thank you so much Jo - we really appreciate the support!