This activity features 11 famous people born in December!

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Talita 27th Jan 2020
Thanks for your feedback Joy & Bruce!
Janet 17th Dec 2019 Coordinator, Adult Day Center
My copy stopped at page 21 - there should've been 22 I think. If you let me know who NC is, I can print my own picture of him or her... :-)
Talita 18th Dec 2019
Fixed! Thanks for letting us know Janet. The last one was Noël Coward
Janet 19th Dec 2019 Coordinator, Adult Day Center
Thanks Talita!!
Susan 3rd Dec 2019 Activity Director
This activity is good for reminiscing and for mental stimulation
Glad you like it
Thanks for sharing
Joy 3rd Dec 2019 Tenant Service Coordinator
The Who Am I birthdays are a hit with my groups. They love guessing who the persons are and the information provided on them.
Bruce 23rd Jan 2020 Aged Care Volunteer
Very much agree with Joy. These are highly popular and enjoyable. Even the staff want to join in!