Who's Who in the Photo

Who's Who in the Photo

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I wanted to share an activity that I did this morning with my dementia residents. I developed about 60 pictures that I have taken over the last 2 months. We all sat in a circle and I handed them a photo and they tried to recognize themselves or a person in the group. 

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Kim 3rd Mar 2022 Community Life Memory Care
On our memory loss unit we asked families to send in (if available) photos of our residents as children. They ranged between ages 1 through 9. We mounted them on poster board and each was assigned a number. Families, residents and staff all enjoyed playing guess WHO AM
I ? One woman didn't recognize herself but was thrilled to see her sister sitting beside her in the photo
Susan 4th Mar 2022 Activity Director
Hi Kim
Thanks for sharing this
Sounds like you had a lot of fun
Tracy 29th May 2020 Lifestyle Manager
If our residents lack mental capacity we are not allowed to take their photographs, GDPR,
Susan 13th Sep 2019 Activity Director
Thanks for your input Judy
Judy 12th Sep 2019 Speech Language Pathologist
I really like this idea! I think I will turn pictures into cards and laminate them and perhaps add some information on the back of the photos. Thanks for this idea!
Susan 2nd Sep 2019 Activity Director
Great idea Melissa
You could also have family members bring in photographs of their loved ones
Sometimes person with dementia do not recognize themselves as they are at the present time but do recognize them selves from an earlier time