How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges in Group Activities

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These common dementia challenges can make running your activity department a bit difficult. Here are the solutions and tricks to make it easier on everyone.

Cognitive decline is a normal part of aging. Even if you do not work in a memory care community, you may need to use interventions to combat common activity challenges that come with cognitive decline.

In this article we cover:

  • Cognitive Challenges Caused by Dementia
  • How to Overcome Common Dementia Challenges
  • 5 Truths About Working with Adults with Dementia

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Mayflor 18th May 2021 Lifestyle
Thanks heaps and salute to all who did these things for us..i love every single activities and information.
Susan 23rd Apr 2021 Activity Director
Hi Diane
I agree it’s not the finished product it is the experience or the process
Thank you
Lisa 23rd Apr 2021 Activities for Seniors
This is helpful! Thank you!
Diane 22nd Apr 2021 Music Therapist
I LOVE #1 - it's not about the finished product, it's about the experience - YES!
Linda 20th Apr 2021 Recreation Therapist
Thanks for the insight into disruptive residents during group activities
You state to have instructions written down and placed near the resident as a source for them to return to gain directions to complete the task at hand
This method is ideal if the resident is still capable of reading