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Owen 8th Aug 2019 Retired
Scouting and Guiding have a lot to give to Age Concern residents so it is good to know your talents are not being wasted. Make use of your training in both of these organisations for the benefit of the elderly which is always greatly appreciated, Songs, games, stunts, campfires, all can be adapted to the age group and loved. Take my word for it,
Life member Scouts New Zealand
(and still keeping on at 89,5 Years Of Age)
Joanne 9th Aug 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
A great comment Owen and well done....bravo!! Once scouting and guiding are in your blood it never goes. The residents would remember being a part of likewise organisations Red Cross Brigade etc and these too have great ideas..give it a go everyone you and the residents will enjoy
Susan 1st Aug 2019 Activity Director
More great thoughts Owen
Owen 31st Jul 2019 Retired
A great idea from your Girl Guide days Joanne. As a Life Member of Scouts New Zealand I am introducing Scouting songs to our group as well with Ging Gang Goolie being caught on to be one of their favourites. They just cannot get it out of their minds.

I am sure that many former Scouts and Guides have a lot to give to their groups as many of their residents will have been in these organisations as well.

Joanne 3rd Aug 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Owen ha ha that would be funny, I always incorporate Guide songs just can't help myself.
Joanne 19th Feb 2019 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
I have taken this activity one step further and actually put up a dome tent in the room along with camp bed, table, chairs etc and having been a girl guide, brought along some of my guiding things including my camp blanket with many many badges sewn on...this itself was a talking point. Many residents had never been camping, so we spoke about holidays that they have had and then we finished off with a singalong. Future days doing this I will include toasted marshmallows and damper.
Talita 24th Feb 2019
Such lovely ideas, thanks for sharing Joanne!