More decorations for Harmony Day - ribbon surrounding Globe.

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Christine 28th May 2019 RAO
Also, get an actual globe and spin it and look about facts on each country. Then YouTube the country's landmarks. Name its capital, language, money, population and exports. Or buy inflatable globes and toss around and ask residents to pick a country. Put up a world map so residents can see where the country this. Ask staff to share where they are from and tell residents a little about their country and its people. Promotes diversity, inclusion and national pride!
Talita 3rd Jun 2019
These are wonderful ideas, thanks Christine. It is always interesting to hear and learn about other countries and cultures.
Sotiana 20th Sep 2016 Leisure &Lifestyle Officer
Thank you so much, for this.. would be of great use today as I was looking around for an activity and this comes in very handy...I love goldencarers.
Talita 25th Sep 2016
Thank you so much Sotiana! Your feedback is very much appreciated!
Svenne 5th Mar 2014 Diversional Therapist
I like this activity very much and it is something for clients who can't do much in the craft realm.
Good way to stimulate discussion.
Thank you
dorothy 5th Mar 2014 diversional therapist
great activity "thankyou"