Help celebrate the oceans rich diversity of life. Have fun by turning a wall in your facility into your own ocean or aquarium.
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Help celebrate the oceans rich diversity of life. Have fun by turning a wall in your facility into your own ocean or aquarium.


  • Promote hand-eye coordination.
  • Maintain social contact.


  • Templates of ocean creatures (see sample provided)
  • Water based paint (all colours) or crayons or coloured pencils.
  • Blue tack or Elmer’s tack.
  • Blue or green construction or kindergarten paper.


  • Sit participants around a table and fill them with enthusiasm about the idea of decorating a wall with creatures of the ocean. Reminisce about their connection to the ocean. Ask participants to name fish, animals, birds and all sorts of things found in the ocean.
  • Download Golden Carers templates of ocean creatures and print as many copies as required. You may enlarge some of the templates if you have a large enough area/wall to mount your ocean/aquarium.
  • Give each participant a template to colour in.
  • Offer a variety of colours for them to choose from. Remember that they will be expressing themselves and that being so there is no right or wrong way. If they paint a fish with purple polka dots, the so be it!
  • Cut out painted templates and attach to your ocean/aquarium site with blue-tack.
  • Using blue or green construction paper cut in the form of undulating waves to resemble water. See photo for example.

I would love to see your photos!

Files included:

Download Image


Download Image


Download Image


Download Image


Download Image

Humpback Whale

Download Image

String Ray

Download Image


Download Image


Download Image

Reef Fish

Download Image

Butterfly Fish

Download Image

Seahorse 2

Download Image

Seaweed 2

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Lifestyle Parkside 15th Jun 2021 Lifestyle
Thank you sharing such a wonderful idea. It worked well and all the residents participated enjoyed colorings sea creature.
Talita 20th Jun 2021
Thsnks so much for sharing, it looks fabulous!
Leanne 15th Jun 2021 Recreation Coordinator
Ocean’s Day Poster from our residents in Nanaimo, British Columbia in beautiful Vancouver Island Canada!
Susan 16th Jun 2021 Activity Director
Hi Leanne
What a wonderful post thanks for sharing it
Shirley 18th May 2014 Recreation Officer
Theres an octopus in the picture - do you have a template for it please?
Shirley NSW
Natalie 8th Apr 2014 program support worker
We have as a group started this activity and glued them to a piece of calico...... It looks amazing Thank you
Graciela 16th Sep 2010 Lifestyle & Volunteer Team Leader
The Ocean Day's Poster in Wahroonga
Graciela 16th Sep 2010 Lifestyle & Volunteer Team Leader
The Ocean Day's Poster worked very well with my residents, they put in practice all their creativity and were very proud with the final outcome. I will send you some pictures. Chela - Lifestyle Wahroonga.
Solange 22nd Jun 2010 Diversional Therapist
Hello Bidgee Haven Hostel,

How lovely was your ocean, thank you for sharing and what a good idea
to have a Hillbilly theme day. Thanks again and keep sharing!
Leanna 20th Jun 2010 Administration
Hello from Bidgee Haven Hostel, we are sending you photos of our activities. One on ocean day, which all residents enjoy participating in, we made out we were on the yellow submarine, sing songs , yellow submarine and octopus garden, fun was had by staff and residents. Our other day was the Hillbilly day when we all dressed up as the many people that were in the Clampetds and made it Granny,s Birthday. We also had a Chinese Day and that was fun, fun.
Solange 3rd Jun 2010 Diversional Therapist
Great idea Grace, it would be lovely to add a photo of your activity for all to see. If you have one, please send it to: [email protected]
Grace 3rd Jun 2010 Diversional Therapist
The Ocean Day poster gave us inspiration to do our feature wall. It was a joint effort between the residents and students from St.Laurence College, Brisbane. The craft was done over a number of weeks and placed on the wall on the students last visit. A rewarding result for both parties.

Grace Ward
Lifestyle Office
Carindale Lodge, Mt. Gravatt East.
No Avatar