January 8 marks the birthday of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Celebrate the King's birthday with an 'Elvis Presley Day'!
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January 8 marks the birthday of Elvis Presley, the King of Rock 'n' Roll. Celebrate the King's birthday with an 'Elvis Presley Day!.

Here are a few ideas:

  1. Decorate your facility with photos of Elvis, guitars, Cadillac's, Uncle Sam, coca-cola, hot dogs, American flags; anything quintessentially American.
  2. Play Elvis Presley songs all day. Elvis Presley Playlist (YouTube) - 1 hour.
  3. Enjoy some Elvis-themed trivia - a word search and crossword are provided.
  4. Have a group of people make Elvis' favourite sandwich for everyone to enjoy; banana with peanut butter. Serve with Elvis's favourite drink, coca-cola.
  5. Have a 'Sing-along' with Elvis' songs. Start each song for a few seconds and then stop; challenge participants to sing the next line before you resume.
  6. Challenge someone at your facility to come to work dressed as Elvis!
  7. Ask a couple of staff members to perform a well-known Elvis song.
  8. If possible, hire an Elvis impersonator to entertain residents.
  9. Hold a session where residents can request their favourite Elvis song for all to hear.
  10. Watch a movie featuring Elvis.

Files included:

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Elvis Presley Word Search

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Elvis Presley Songs Crossword

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Sonya 3rd Jan 2018 Registered Manager
Having started a Wednesday Activity Club for older or isolated people in the area I have exhausted my memory of activities over the past 8 sessions. Hoy bingo is a favourite and seeing how many words can be found in another word are also activities enjoyed.
I now need to plan for the next few months and think linking theme days with other activities is a way to go. It looks like i will find plenty of inspiration on this site.
Talita 6th Jan 2018
Sonya, what a wonderful initiative you have started, I'm sure it makes a world of difference to the seniors that attend. Congratulations, you are an inspiration! Here are some other popular activities that may be helpful, there are so many more too:


I think using the calendar and tying in special days like you suggested is a great idea too!

All the best. Please keep us posted!
Leanne 9th Jan 2015 Lifestyle Assistant

Glad you had such fun after such a short planning time. Our residents were not very receptive to Elvis' birthday. I did play the music, but they were not interested in the Quiz.
lyn 8th Jan 2015 recreation therapist
Hi team,
I have just returned to work on the 7th Jan. after being ill for a month and while I was recovering I thought I better get cracking and plan for the next three months. I decided to work on Elvis' birthday so printed out photos and laminated them at work in the morning.
Considering I had not planned anything at work (as I was not there) the activity went down really well with all. Staff enjoyed the music as did the residents visiting families at the time. Most liked Elvis' music and those that didn't still attended the activity to look on. The group are very high care. I used the Elvis quiz with residents having a go and the visitors. The whole activity went for (2) hours. A lot of discussions about Elvis and his life were held. A whole lot of fun and laughter with enjoyment to boot before lunch was served. On Friday I am having foot spas followed by massages and moisturising their skin, then on Monday I am trying the collage with gum nuts & leaves and what ever else suits.
Thankyou again for this wonderful site, the work you do in supplying resources for us all is just the best.
Have a happy new year. Lyn
Jessie 29th Dec 2012 Support Care Worker
Wonderful idea! Am planning it already.
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