A reminiscing magazine for every day in January!

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Tricia 6th Dec 2017
You know - I think I would love to see this EVERY month .... if you are willing to do the Research!! I know that is alot of work. But, it brings back memories for the elderly of important people they will have heard of, and the associated memories of that person, whether it is a movie, an event in their life, or simply familiarity.
It is also a great distraction when people need one ..... and good to have on hand. Thanks in advance...
Talita 7th Dec 2017
There will be one released for each month of the year! Thanks so much for your feedback Tricia.
Debbie 6th Dec 2017
This I such a great resource to use, thankyou ! It's clear, fun and the residents will really enjoy
Talita 6th Dec 2017
Thanks Debbie! Appreciate your feedback!
Michelle 5th Dec 2017
Wow. Thank you all so much to those who contributed to this. I too can’t wait to use this each month .
Talita 5th Dec 2017
Thanks for your feedback Michelle! Hope it goes well!
Emma 5th Dec 2017
This is amazing really looking forward to using this xx
Talita 5th Dec 2017
Thanks Emma! Hope it goes well!
Kerrie 4th Dec 2017
I like the idea of This Day in History, can't wait to use them..thank you.
Talita 5th Dec 2017
Thanks Kerrie! Hope they enjoy x

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