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Things That Go Together Quiz

Guess the words that finish these phrases!

# Question Answer   Answer All

Salt and


Gin and


Shoes and


Coffee and


Bread and


Knife and


Fish and


Peanut butter and


Pen and


Wine and


Hammer and


Needle and


Ketchup and


Hat and


Hugs and


Sugar and


Sweet and


Tweedledee and


Up and


Back and


Spaghetti and


Yin and


Mashed Potatoes and


Bacon and


Pros and


Macaroni and


Soap and


Crimson and


Horse and


Song and


Nuts and


Hide and


Lock and


Pins and


Ebb and


Jack and


Thunder and


Cup and


Bow and


Cops and


Arts and


Nickels and


Love and


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Renee 30th Apr 2024
This was so much fun. We used a time limit and the only rule was GET ALL THE ANSWERS.

YES, they copied, snuck peeks at other players answers, moved around, talked really loud, and TOTALLY ENJOYED DOING SO! ????

Linda 10th Jan 2024
Thank you so much, this is great, the seniors at the facility where I work are so happy with these games and ideas.
Jana 1st Jul 2022 Caretaker Of Elder Mother-in-law
It's so nice to find so many ideas for the seniors in the facility I work at. Our Memory Care residents enjoy them a lot! Thanks!
Talita 1st Jul 2022
Thanks so much for your feedback Jana!
Daniel 3rd Mar 2022
I love this! It is so Useful!
Talita 6th Mar 2022
Thanks for your feedback Daniel!
Joe 18th Dec 2021
This was a great task for my dad who has dementia
Talita 21st Dec 2021
Thanks for your feedback Joe, all the best.
Linda 4th Mar 2021 Social Clubs Manager
Fantastic website. I had so much fun engaging myself. The site has so much to offer.
I am very excited at the prospect of interacting on our zoom link tomorrow for people living with dementia and their carer's - with some of the quizzes listed.
They are so user friendly and you can copy them up quite quickly with out the need of a printer.
It is such a friendly site, full of wonderful imaginative and innovative ideas to stimulate and engage with those we care for.
Congratulations on creating wonder and possibility with this magical site.
I absolutely love it. I am so glad we are able to refer to this. There is so much to make those in most vulnerable smile and happy engaging. 5 stars! Thank you.
Fantastic site! Thank you.
Solange 4th Mar 2021 Diversional Therapist
Hi Linda, thank you very much for your kind words. We are so happy we can lend a hand. Your comments mean a lot to us. Thank you.
Susan 4th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Thank you again for your kind words Linda
It is really appreciated
Claudette 18th Jan 2020 Caregiver
I am starting a volunteer job in an Eldery home/hospital to support my upcoming Health and Wellbeing course. I am looking for activities ideas to occupy and entertain our residents. This is definitely one of the games I will be using. It sounds fun and creative. Thank you.
Susan 19th Jan 2020 Activity Director
I am glad do you like this site claudette
The things that go together is a great thing to try
Please let us know if you have any specific questions We would be glad to help
kirsty harlington 18th Nov 2019
Thank you so much for this website ... I am an activities coordinator for a small care home in England and I am always on the lookout for new fresh and exciting ideas to create a different and positive atmosphere daily for these amazing residents recently I've had a couple of mind blocks because they like to be very stimulated and sometimes it can be difficult to bring in new ideas and create a new plan each week but this website may have just opened a whole new door for me and my residents....... This is my first activity planning job and not all the training can prepare you for the real thing 7 months in this amazing job now and I've looked for resources on youtube, active minds and lots of other websites but this is by far the best I have seen thank you so much this may have just boosted my career!!!
Talita 18th Nov 2019
Thank you SO MUCH for your feedback Kirsty! All the best in your new role!
Veronica Coleman 21st Jun 2019
Just found this site and am so excited. Myself and two others run and organise a seniors group called Young At Heart. We are always looking for activities for mixed age and ability. This site looks like an answer to a prayer.
Also looking and finding here, ideas of simple craft ideas we can make for charity etc.
Thank you all for organising this site.....a brilliant mine of fun and ideas for use for many.
regards and thanks from UK
Solange 25th Jun 2019 Diversional Therapist
Thank you for your feedback Veronica, It is really appreciated.
Sue 25th Feb 2019
I’m starting my new job working with elderly dementia residents, tomoz. Haven’t done anything like this before but am looking forward to everyone ideas to help me help others.
Used to work with children in a nursery/preschool setting. Wish me luck.
Talita 2nd Mar 2019
Wishing the very best of luck to you Sue!
Ligaya 27th Jul 2017 Work In An Activity Center
I tried this and add more Words to match and the residents loved it. Thank you for sharing.
Talita 31st Jul 2017
Thanks for your feedback Ligaya!
Theresa 26th Jun 2017 Social Centre Cordinator
I used this activity in our Social Centre, but got my clients to cut out the printed pairs, and paste them onto card. I and helpers marked around to form a decent sized Card. The clients then cut these out. I collected the cards from each group ( of about four people) I had a total of 17 people so it was important to not mix cards as the final task would be too daunting.. After having created the activity in the morning, we used it as our afternoon activity. Each table passed their pile of cards to the next until all had done the matching up . Lots of fun and it generated lively discussion as people had their own interpretation of things that go together.. I love using activities that involve the making & creating. It is very rewarding and gives a sense of ownership.
Solange 27th Jun 2017 Diversional Therapist
You are absolutely right Theresa, activities that are crafted first and then used are so gratifying. Well done.
Jessica 11th Feb 2017 Activities Director
I used this activity but with pictures laminated and it was a huge hit.
Talita 13th Feb 2017
Great idea! Thanks for your feedback Jessica.
Marie 8th Jan 2017 Activities
I used this activity as a warm up before we began our main group engagement. Residents were thinking outside be box with other answers. This was a good social activity for interaction. Residents were smiling and helping each other. Thank you for sharing this. activity. Marie.

Talita 9th Jan 2017
Thanks Marie, we appreciate your feedback!
Marianne 15th Jul 2016 Recreation Assistant
this is a VERY successful activity with my LDC seniors...i have another section to this and it is famous couples...example: Lucy and Ricky, Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Anthony and Cleopatra etc etc...they LOVE this one also.
i am ALWAYS looking for more ideas such as this, because no matter the severity of the dementia, this is a very INCLUSIVE activity
thanks Solange
Solange 14th Sep 2015 Diversional Therapist
Quizzes are one of the most loved and popular activities in elder care. It is also a resource for seniors to reminisce, socialize, build friendships, improve cognition, and serve the purpose to motivate, educate, and entertain.
Mardi 12th Sep 2015 Aged care worker
Hello I'm a new student and am working on some unit work to do with this game. I haven't had any experience in the field yet and was wondering if anyone could tell me how this helps a person with dementia. (other than the fun they obviously enjoy!)
Wendy 2nd Sep 2015 Recreation therapist
This is a great idea as you can also use pictures instead of words for those who can no longer read, but can match images - download a picture from the internet, resize as needed (bigger for those with eyesight problems), print and laminate. It works for all sorts of things - food types and clothing are good ones for dementia residents. "Horse and Carriage" is a fun one as it can lead into a song as well (many residents remember the lines " and marriage, go together like a horse and carriage"). Wendy
Lorraine dolbel 23rd Jul 2015
I have tried this with animals I have cut out and put on cardboard and laminated it is a winner
Lorraine dolbel 23rd Jul 2015
I have tried this with animals I have cut out and put on cardboard and laminated it is a winner
Theresa 26th Jun 2017 Social Centre Cordinator
Great Idea . I must try that .
Solange 28th May 2015 Diversional Therapist
Alison 28th May 2015
I made this into a 'worksheet' where you draw lines between the matches, it was challenging, but not too hard for any participant. Thanks!
Cathy 27th Feb 2015 Lifestyle & Wellbeing Co-ordinator
My residents and I played this game last Monday and we all loved it. I used different coloured paper so the matching was made a little easier for some. I printed about 6 matching pairs on the one colour page, cut them up and handed out one colour set to each resident. Everyone worked on their set and when complete we passed them onto the resident to their left. After all having a turn on each colour set, we brainstormed and came up with so many new things that go together, no doubt I will be expanding our matching cards.
cindy 13th Jan 2015
what a great idea thanks will try this with my dementia group
Amanda 9th Jul 2014 Activities organiser
I tried this activity today and it went really well, residents from our 'Memory Lane' (dementia unit) came downstairs to play the game and they thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Will certainly play it again.
Mark 21st Mar 2014 PCA
This is a great idea......
Ron 5th Aug 2012 RAO
I did this activity today & it got the thumbs up, we all had a fun time, thank you.
I say we all, because I enjoy it too, just love my job.
talita 9th Aug 2012
Thanks Ron for all your feedback and support, it is very much appreciated. It is wonderful to hear your positive comments and ideas.
Judy 15th Jul 2012 Activities Co-ordinator
I forgot to add. The first team to match all the cards and hand them in to me wins.
Judy 15th Jul 2012 Activities Co-ordinator
I have created a variation of this game. I have the 'A' cards for example fish and chips. Fish is A and I have marked the card A and B is Fish but I have made a few other B cards for this group such as Mayonnaise, Potato cakes and sauce and so on for a number of other ones such custard to go with peaches, cream,icecream.
I divide the 'B'cards amongst 5 or 6 players or teams and I read out the A cards. I start to run the game like this...Custard 1...2...3..(I give them 3 seconds or so to come up with a match I accept). If they don't ,I move on to the next card. I can be very soft at times!! Sometimes I get 2 or 3 shouting all sorts of matches and whoever I hear first and agree it is acceptable they are OK. Depending if I have a very mixed group or high or low care I adapt what I am doing. The result is always a lot of fun
Pauline 31st Oct 2011 Activity Officer/AIn
Tried this activity in the Dementia Unit recently residents loved it and have asked for more. Pauline NSW
Valerie 23rd Oct 2011 Diversional Therapist
Excellent this would be a great game to play at "Happy Hour". Thank you very much.
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