6 Ways to Combat Social Isolation

6 Ways to Combat Social Isolation

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Social isolation refers to a lack of contact with friends, family and the community. Older people living in residential care communities are especially at risk of being socially isolated.

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Susan 30th Oct 2020 Activity Director
Wow John what a picture
Thanks for sharing
John 29th Oct 2020 Lifestyle Worker
One of our new residents, was a champion orchid grower. His daughter brings in orchids from his shed. Our garden group planted them all around the facility. And cut orchids in vases inside everywhere .
Some roses from our garden. And Waratah.
Talita 29th Oct 2020
Beautiful John! Thanks so much for sharing.
karen 26th Jan 2017 Activities Officer
I chose residents who already had an interest in gardening. Then purchased pots,soil and plants from Bunnings. Choose an afternoon and go for it. Some residents were happy to do the potting. Some just wanted to watch. Be prepared to water and weed. Once they are flowering I put the pots on a trolley and take them to residents in bed and/or set up a display in the front entry. I always writeup an activity plan so that I have thought things through, have a list of resourse needed etc and then evaluate at the end. This is important for organising any activity. So, give it a go. Cheers, Karen Hynds
Kate 29th Nov 2013 leisure&Lifestyle assistant
Enjoyed reading your segment on "Social Isolation" very interesting and helpful
solange 28th Nov 2013 Diversional Therapist
Great idea Karen. You may also try growing herbs and succulents.
Cheryl 27th Nov 2013 diversiona therapist
I love this idea, I have just started working in a dementia specific unit in the sundowning hours and am trying to get organised. this time can be quite challenging so any ideas are good thanks
karen 27th Nov 2013 Activities Officer
I recently started a garden group with some of our residents. We started with petunias and marigolds in pots,seated at tables of suitable height. The location had to have sunshine and water plus room for 5-6 residents/wheelchairs etc.They have enjoyed having morning tea in this area as I do some of the "Maintenance" jobs.
Laura 23rd Jan 2017 Activities Coordenator
Hi Karen,

How did u started your garden group its sounds like a great activity. I only started to work as Activities Coordinator.
Thank You