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Kirsten 16th Jun 2017 Activities Director
Hi All,

I'm trying to figure out a good group activity for our father's day party coming up this sunday. I work at a dementia care facility and many of my residents can no longer read or talk much. This makes it very hard to do group activities that require group coordination. I want to make it somewhat father's day themed, but I'm really struggling to find something that will be good for the residents and their families to join in as well. I am already doing a sing a long, but I was hoping to come up with another activity. Let me know if you can think of anything!
Susan 17th Jun 2017 Activity Director
Hi Kristen
I don't know if you have
enough time to do this
In fact I'm writing an article about it because Father's Day is in September in Australia
We always have a tie one on party for Father's Day
What you probably won't be able to do is get ties for the residents to wear
I always distributed ties to each and every resident going to party and then gave out prizes for different categories we had a sing-along we did Father's Day trivia and of course we had a delicious treat to eat so maybe next year for that ties but you can still do Father's Day trivia you can tell everyone about why they would make a good father or you can have them tell you and the others about their fathers what made their fathers great etc
Just make everyone there feel good so say some nice things about each and every resident make sure to cheer everyone on
I hope this helps
Solange 18th Jun 2017 Diversional Therapist
You are on the right track, a sing-along is a very good idea.

You could also try a game of balloons where the whole group keeps the balloon on the air as much as possible. The racket for the game should be very light, if you don't have them, you can make some with plasticized wire, stockings and duct tape.

Another idea is to place pieces of paper with numbers under a half dozen chairs and surprise them with token prizes. When you announce the number everyone looks under their chairs for them.

You can also find 3 or 4 groups of staff/residents/relatives to sing or read poems and the residents would be the judges (you could give residents numbered cards to lift up according to preference, after each performance).

All the best, good luck with Father's Day.

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