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Faith 22nd Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant
I would like to participate with my Day Therapy Centre Clients in a pen-pal group. We are seniors living in Perth Australia aged between 70 and 99 years old. We would be interest in pen-pals from all over the world and all other backgrounds due to a lot of our clients are of Jewish heritage. My clients are fun loving family oriented people who love to chat and have a good time. Please contact me and any ideas would be welcome.

My email is [email protected]
Susan 24th Jan 2019 Administrative Assistant
I have a Senior Center in Sand Lake, MI. I would like to see if any of my people would like a pen pal. Our next meeting is Friday, January 25th, 2019. Would this work?
Marie 24th Jan 2019 Care Home Assistant/Entertainments Organizer
This sounds wonderful Faith! Im in the U.K. and have 38 loving, and wonderful individuals who i love to bits and they love people and i think the would love pen pals!
Great. Im in!
Faith 25th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant
Thanks Susan and Marie , this is exciting .
My work email is
[email protected]
Please email and lets set this up
Bridget 26th Jan 2019 Activities Assistance
Hi we are a home in England .our residents would love to share our stories, and become pen pal homes
Therapy 29th Jan 2019 OT
Hi Bridget
Im so excited at the response i have got . Im looking forward to our residents communicating to each other.

Again My Email is [email protected]
Thanks Faith
Megan 30th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant
We are also in Perth and would be interested in conversing conversation. Even via email for those that don't have fine motor skills but are cognitive. We have a lot of Dutch residents, some English.

Please contact
[email protected]
Margaret 6th Feb 2019 Life Enrichment Director
I have a resident in particular who is looking for a pen pal. We live in St. Paul Mn. She is alert and oriented x3. My email is [email protected]

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