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Faith 22nd Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant
I would like to participate with my Day Therapy Centre Clients in a pen-pal group. We are seniors living in Perth Australia aged between 70 and 99 years old. We would be interest in pen-pals from all over the world and all other backgrounds due to a lot of our clients are of Jewish heritage. My clients are fun loving family oriented people who love to chat and have a good time. Please contact me and any ideas would be welcome.

My email is [email protected]
Susan 24th Jan 2019 Administrative Assistant
I have a Senior Center in Sand Lake, MI. I would like to see if any of my people would like a pen pal. Our next meeting is Friday, January 25th, 2019. Would this work?
Marie 24th Jan 2019 Care Home Assistant/Entertainments Organizer
This sounds wonderful Faith! Im in the U.K. and have 38 loving, and wonderful individuals who i love to bits and they love people and i think the would love pen pals!
Great. Im in!
Faith 25th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant
Thanks Susan and Marie , this is exciting .
My work email is
[email protected]
Please email and lets set this up
Bridget 26th Jan 2019 Activities Assistance
Hi we are a home in England .our residents would love to share our stories, and become pen pal homes
Therapy 29th Jan 2019
Hi Bridget
Im so excited at the response i have got . Im looking forward to our residents communicating to each other.

Again My Email is [email protected]
Thanks Faith
Megan 30th Jan 2019 Therapy Assistant
We are also in Perth and would be interested in conversing conversation. Even via email for those that don't have fine motor skills but are cognitive. We have a lot of Dutch residents, some English.

Please contact
[email protected]
Margaret 6th Feb 2019 Life Enrichment Director
I have a resident in particular who is looking for a pen pal. We live in St. Paul Mn. She is alert and oriented x3. My email is [email protected]
Laura 20th Feb 2019
Hi Faith, I think this is a great idea and will ask the residents here if they would like to join in as a group or individuals. If they are interested, I will contact you.
Nadine 28th Feb 2019 Activity Coordinator And Carer
im in derbyshire england and looking for a penpal for the ladies and gentlemen i work with if anyone is interested

[email protected]

Bambi 18th Mar 2019 Counselor
I am the Director of a Community Respite Day Program called SALT (Senior Adults Living Triumphantly). Our participants really enjoyed receiving and sending Christmas cards this year. I know they would love to have long distant pen pals!! Most of our participants are in the early stages of the disease and still enjoy reading and writing. Please include us as pen pals! Our email is [email protected] and our physical address is:
c/o Demopolis First United Methodist Church
200 East Decatur St
Demopolis, AL 36732

Bambi Hamilton
Lorraine 19th Mar 2019 Activities Officer
I think that is a great idea and will ask my residents if they would be interested. I am in an Age Care Facility on the Sunshine Coast. My email address is [email protected]
Nicole 20th Dec 2019
Hi There!
My name is Nicole and I am the Program Coordinator for an Adult Day Centre at Hospice in Fredericton, New Brunswick in Canada. Is there anyone out there that would be our clients pen pal? Our clients are 55-95 and most have dementia. They would love to have this oppurtunity. Please send me an email if you are interested [email protected]
Becky 21st Feb 2020 Recreation Therapy
My name is Becky and I am the Activity Coordinator for a LTC/rehab facility in Findlay Ohio. Our facility consists of 136 beds and about 36 of those are rehab. One of our neighborhoods is very interested in a pen pal program. My email address is [email protected].
Our address is:
Birchaven Village
15100 Birchaven Ln.
Findlay, Ohio 45840
c/o Becky Adams ADC
Tonya 18th Mar 2020 Program Supervisor
We are in the US and would love to join the pen pal group! We are a Personal Care home of Approx. 90 seniors.

My email is: [email protected]

Rebecca 25th Nov 2020
Rebeca Carver
Smoky Mountain Health & Rehabilitation Center
1349 Crabtree Road
Waynesville, NC 28785
We are in the US also and would love to join the pen pal group!
Rebecca Carver, Activity Director
[email protected]
Fione 26th Nov 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
So good to see you all are connecting through Golden carers , Hope it goes well .
Jocelyn 18th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hello! My name is Jocelyn and I am the Activity Director for New Horizon Lodge Senior Living, located in the City of Stanton, California. I have approximately 65 residents in our community that would love to received and send letters to friends worldwide. Kindly send an email to [email protected]. Thank you so much!
Julianne 21st Feb 2021 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi I am also in WA Bunbury and looking get the pen pals going in my center
Any sugestions on how to approach the subject with residents, unfortunately there has been many changes in the facility over the past 2 years and the residents have become a bit hesitant to try new things. Ive just taken over as coordinator and trying to re establish the things that they used to love as well as some new ides
Susan 22nd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Julianne
Look at the suggestions from others
Work with them as a group to write a letter
Involve some school children
Cristina 23rd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi! Are you still looking for pin pals? I have a few residents that enjoy this.... I live in the Palm Springs innCalifornia
Isela 23rd Feb 2021 Activities
Hi my name is Isela and I am the ACTIVITY DIRECTOR in a long term care facility in San Antonio Texas i would really like to start a pen pal program so if anybody is interested in joining my group shoot me an email and we can get it going [email protected]
Beverly 23rd Feb 2021 Therapeutic Recreationist
Hi there
Yes most certainly we would have some clients that would love to be a pen pal. Please reach out to Bev Latour co Sam Central Program Adult Day Program 10 Pearl Street North Unit A
Hamilton Ontario Canada L8R 2Y8. Thank you in advance to all that participate its a great way to keep CONNECTED in the world! My email is [email protected] . Our client age ranges from 22 to 104 and everyone in between.
Susan 23rd Feb 2021 Activity Director
Thank you Beverly
Susan 24th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Everyone on this thread may be interested in this article
Natalie 25th Feb 2021 Activities Coordinator
Hello I am looking to set up a pen pal service for my residents, I am an activities coordinator at a retirement extra care facility in the UK. I have residents aged 50-87. At Huntley Place we have residents that are very independent and some that need a lot of care needs. I think starting this now with the pandemic happening will bring back the community spirit and join different parts of the world together. I have some residents that would like individual pen pals and some of the residents that would be happy to send a group letter. If you are interested please contact me on [email protected]. We are happy for anywhere in the world or even in the UK.
Susan 26th Feb 2021 Activity Director
Hi Natalie look at all the posts on this thread you also may want to check the Out

Faith 1st Mar 2021 Therapy Assistant
Thanks to everyone who has replied and taken an interest, I’m on extended sick leave and will be back in May and I will sort it out ... I have grabbed name and address and will reply to you all . Thanks and take care
Susan 2nd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Faith
I hope we are better soon
Thank you for responding
Theresa 3rd Mar 2021 Activity Director
Stephanie 4th Mar 2021 Activity Coordinator
Hello, I am the activity director of a 36 bed facility in New Brunswick, Canada. Some of my residents would love to have pen pals from around the world. I can be reached at [email protected] Thanks!
Susan 4th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Hi Stephanie
Why not contact some people in this thread
Susan 5th Mar 2021 Activity Director
Debi 17th Jul 2021 Senior Site Manager
Hello. I am the Senior Site Manager of the Catawissa Senior Center in Catawissa, PA. We have some members that would like to have pen pals and write to anyone from anywhere in the world. Our members range i age from 60 - 94 years old. My email is [email protected].
Susan 17th Jul 2021 Activity Director
Hi Debi
Look at these comments I am sure you can find someone C here

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