Enhance self esteem. Have fun with arts and crafts!

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Elspeth 3rd Nov 2016 Lifestyle
For Anzac and Remembrance Day We have had three white crosses made up with little stands. We knitted poppies and placed them at the bottom of each of the white crosses.
We then place a very dark green table cloth on a low table and set the crosses up one in front and two just behind.
We where also able to have a metal stand made up to take three flags on doweling rods and stand them behind the table, our wreaths are made of grape vine ( actually Christmas wreath) which has a ribbon wound around it leaving gaps to allow for rosemary to be laced into it and poppies have also been sewn on in a small cluster at the bottom the wreath.
Talita 7th Nov 2016
Thanks for sharing Elspeth!
Dalveena 20th Apr 2016 Activities personal
Thanks for the ideas for Anzac Day. I have found them very helpful. I have just started working in activities.
Rosalie 6th Nov 2015 Lifestyle Co-ordinator
At our facility we use a foam wreath, paint it green, wrap string around it, place rosemary and attach with pins. We then decorate with two or three poppies and a small Australian flag. This is placed under our Australian flag which we have on wheels inside. We also place a bunch of rosemary in a vase with two Australian flags crossed in the vase. The residents know the significance of rosemary for remembrance and really like that we do this.
Joy 3rd Nov 2015 Recreation therapist
We make poppies from red and black tissue paper to hand for residents to wear on Remembrance Day, and also make a wreath from these poppies. On the day we set up a little table with a white lace tablecloth, some baby red roses, and some battery candles. At our remembrance day service a resident lays the wreath, another resident quotes a poem and a third resident recites the oath, we then sing some of the old war choruses.
Joanne 29th May 2014 Leisure and Lifestyle Co ordinator
Instead of ivy I used a pine wreath from the Christmas decorations and made some felt poppies which I had attached to red battery-operated lights...very effective and can be reused yearly for ANZAC and Remembrance Days.
karen 26th Mar 2014 Activities Officer
Hi, Last year I showed the residents how to put together a traditional ANZAC wreath, with their help. In a past life I had done some floristry work so was able to explain the details/colours used etc. At our service a resident carried it to the front( stand) and it remained on display. They really appreciated the effort. Cheers Karen, Newcastle.
colleen 28th Mar 2013 diversional therapist
Hi Suzy. you will usually find one or two people will find it too upsetting, i have one in my facility and we let him know that we are preparing the Anzac day activity so he can choose not to be there, he also chooses not to attend the service, others love it and do have a cry with the memories it brings but they wouldn't have it any other way, just find something else for those dementia clients to do that do have trouble with it.
I love the idea of the wreaths.............am experiencing some opposition to do this activities as there are some comments that it would be somewhat disturbing/bring about sad memories.............i personally don't agree............has any one had a bad experience with there dementia clients??? totally enjoy the Golden Carers site
Shirley 27th Apr 2012 Recreation Officer
I totally enjoyed this Activity - Shirley NSW

Marilyn 2nd Apr 2011 Lifestyle support - aged care
This is a lovely activity for our older generation however I do recommend gloves be worn when handling fresh english ivy leaves ... they can cause skin irritations even tho allergy to ivy is rare. Marilyn
Sue 21st Apr 2010 Diversional Therapist
Congratulations! I just love Golden Carers. You have been a great help and I most certainly will continue to explore your site. Kind regards
Sue Swayn
Goondiwindi QLD.