How to Run a Residents Meeting

How to Run a Residents Meeting

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How to plan & run successful meetings

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vicki 3rd Feb 2015
Perfect timing as I have to run a residents meeting tomorrow. Thank you very much for your very helpful site!
Solange 29th Jan 2015
Thank you Josephine. We wish you luck with the meetings.
Josephine 29th Jan 2015
I have just gone through to find information on running a meeting as we have been informed that Lifestyle is now responsible for our Resident & Family/Friends meeting. I am currently putting together a Procedure Manual for all the little things that Coordinators so that others can follow certain aspects of the managerial side of things. The information here I can use, so even though it was posted almost 1 year ago, it is wonderful to be able to go through and pick up info that is very very useful. Thank you for this, it certainly will mean I am not spending too much time to put information together !!
Heather 9th Apr 2014
Thank you solange for this I found it very interesting and helpful.