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Marion 17th Jun 2024 Diversional Therapist

Caption the Pictures #2

Fantastic! Thanks for sharing. I collect funny pictures and make them to use as books to look through with residents I provide 1-1 visits for. These are perfect and so funny! I look forward to resident remarks. I know they'll enjoy them.
Christine 17th Jun 2024 Retired

Funny Poems by Roald Dahl

I really look forward to reading all the ideas regularly and am particularly fond of poems and jokes and quizzes. The staff where I Volunteer also enjoy joining in and are quite often amazed at how receptive and knowledgeable many of the elderly Residents are considering their Dementia diagnosis so keeping them busy and involved in thinking is the best medicine. I personally so wish more people would Volunteer in Care Homes as it is so rewarding.
Lisa 15th Jun 2024 Activities for Seniors

Spot the Differences - Winter

Edale 13th Jun 2024 Volunteer

Canada Word Search

I think the answers would be clearer if highlighted in red (or some other colour) on the solution page. Otherwise, I'm sure our members will enjoy "searching" for the words. Good Word Search.
Kathleen 12th Jun 2024 Clinical Nurse Manager

16 Local History Activity Ideas to Engage Seniors

Our facility is in a rural town 200 kms from the nearest city.
I have worked as an Activity Coordinator for 13 years.
One of my first projects was to get historic pictures of our area, print and laminate them.
Over the years I have collected about 200 historic pictures
All our Residents and visitors love these photos. They discuss the photo's content and it also prompts them to talk about the "old days"
I have learnt many new things about the history of this area from this activity
Kellissa 12th Jun 2024 Student

Jokes to Share

that is funny
Elena 9th Jun 2024 Coordinator

The King's Crown Craft

Very good easy idea! Thanks so much.
Letitia 9th Jun 2024 4theLOv3!

French Words Quiz

Planning a week of Paris and French activities the first week of the Summer Olympics! This will be a fun activity for that week!
Diane 8th Jun 2024 Activity Coordinator

25 Fun Summer Trip Ideas

Thank you, Susan
Kathleen 5th Jun 2024 Cna

Olympic Games PowerPoint Presentation

Can you possibly do one for USA?
Debi 5th Jun 2024 Senior Site Manager

4th of July Bingo

my members really enjoy the different bingo games you have for every season or holiday.
Sheila 4th Jun 2024 Volunteer Arts/crafts Assistant

Carpet Bowls Game for Seniors

What is a jack? Still not sure how one is playing this game "Indoor bowls come with 2 clearly marked sets". I have never heard of this game nor seen it play.
marie lobb 3rd Jun 2024

12 Tips for Writing Progress Notes

ideas for colouring /painting theme /art/ education / documentary. I choose a specific animal/or bird or a different subject choice. I get the residents engaged in colouring in or painting/read out the facts aloud while interacting and assisting when needed and after we watch a documentary on the subject of choice/or animals /bird .Lifestyle /dementia.
Vanessa 31st May 2024 Activity Coordinator

Fun Facts Royal Quiz

This was an amazing quiz.
The residents and staff enjoyed it.
Letitia 28th May 2024 4theLOv3!

Story Book Reminiscing Activity

This looks like such a fun reminiscing session! Can’t wait to try it!
Nancy 28th May 2024

Slang Through the Decades

Mellissa 27th May 2024 Activities Officer

Find the Hidden Animals in These Sentences Quiz

This activity was a winner my residents LOVED it, so many comments - BEST ONE YET
Thank you
Mellissa 27th May 2024 Activities Officer

Artist Impression - Mosman Bridge

This was a great rainy day adult colouring activity, the Australian Artist bio & image of the artwork made the activity more interesting, I had some male residents interested and many wanted to come back to complete their artwork. Also played music by request.
Telford 27th May 2024 Activities Coordinator

How to host an Olympic Games Theme Day

We have just completed our games, the residents made the trophies and we have had 4 rounds of it was great fun
Annemarie 26th May 2024 Recreation Activity Assistant

Peacock Collage Group Project

Our residents really enjoyed this as a multi-media project. Some used paint, some used markers or pencil crayons to color, and some simply used stickers, and pretty much all of them added stickers at some point - once one started they all wanted to bling up their feathers! At first they didn't quite know what to expect from their own feathers but they sure loved the end result!
Rhonda 24th May 2024 Activity Director

10 Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day in Senior Care

Thanks for all the ideas
Christine 24th May 2024 Retired

True Or False Quiz #9

Excellent ideas for my volunteering at Care Home.
I can adapt or change to suit the capabilities of specific Residents. It certainly also keeps my general knowledge up to date and I am always amazed at how interested and knowledgeable the elderly Residents is also a good learning exercise for many of the younger Carers.
Keep up the good work..
Amy 21st May 2024

Songs for Seniors Quiz

I made a playlist on Spotify to go along with this game and it was such a hit! I loved seeing my residents come alive while they remembered the lyrics and songs! We all sang along to almost all the songs! Thanks so much!
mandy szita 20th May 2024

Songs for Seniors Quiz

Thank you so much, everything you do is appreciated and our lovely residents have enjoyed your printable quizzes and games. YOU ARE ALL AMAZING

Thank You
Fortunate 20th May 2024 Activities Coordinator

Word Meaning Game

I love this platform l did the words in word pedestrian and we got 120 words
Mercedes 18th May 2024 Activities Coordinator

Short Story: Anniversary Gift

Everyday, I am so happy that I found Golden Carers. I believe that every person who works in the Activity field can benefit from Golden Carers. It offers so much variety on various activities that we do with our groups regardless of the size, ethnic background of our particular. there is always room to modify and adjust to your needs. Honestly, this site is a huge blessing for me. It opens up my brain when I use it.
I am eternally grateful. Thank you Golden Carers !!!
Sharon 17th May 2024 Co Ordinator

Pot Luck Quiz 79 (Easy)

My Computer states Ice Hockey is the national sport of Canada
Shelly Kunz 16th May 2024

Twister Bean Bag Toss

I also play this with my residents. I used a Black sharpie marker and wrote different point values on each circle. Example - 20, 30,50 etc.
Margaret 16th May 2024 CHSP CoOrdinator

Armchair Travel to Japan

My Ladies loved our last trip to Ireland and got such a surprise when I handed them their
FIRST CLASS Boarding Passes!!!!!!! Most had never been in First Class before. Then when I gave then their passports they where so thrilled, you couldn't wipe the smiles from their faces.
We are off to Japan in June, so I am busy getting things organised for the trip.
Thanks for the AWESOME things you have on offer to make all our jobs so much easier and our participants days that much more enjoyable!!!! THANK YOU
Elizabeth 16th May 2024 Carer/LLO

AFL Tipping 2024

this is an awesome way for our Tipping and the residents love it. The fixtures for the rest of the season is out and I would like to continue with the same format, are we able to update?
Naomi 13th May 2024 Activity Carer

10 Ways to Use Sensory Boxes & Multisensory Spaces

Yes i am also new to the sight and am so relieved to find so many ideas all on one sight and not have to spend hours on the internet looking for ideas, quizes and games, thank you all very much for offering so much. Its not only amazing it gets me excited to prepare secessions for my 1 on 1 dementia clients i have.
Rebecca 11th May 2024 M.O.W. Site Manager

Guess The Logo Visual Quiz

thank you, Rebecca-what a great way to start having some with activities with our new Silver Seniors Activity in Whitney TX. xo
Naomi 10th May 2024 Activity Carer

10 Ways to Use Sensory Boxes & Multisensory Spaces

I work with a blind person one on one and i went through my kitchen for all kinds of containers or jars that have lids, some screw some you have to pull, all different kinds and then i found objects also round the house to put an object in the bottle or container. The lady had to work out how to open the container and then figure out what was inside, it worked very well, I put in all kind of different odd things i found in the house.
Lisa 9th May 2024 Activities for Seniors

Name the Orchestral Instrument

Can you create a page like this (that I can copy on paper) of animals?
They like the name the instrument, famous person, car logo, etc.

Thank you!
Cheryl 7th May 2024 Activities Manager

How to Make Homeless Mats from Grocery Bags

We make ours on a loom, but we use milk bags!
Canadian eh!
We have made over 1,000 mats.
Letitia 7th May 2024 4theLOv3!

Residents' Meeting Prompts

This is excellent! We have tried written surveys and, even anonymous, some people are unwilling to share! They don't talk too much during resident council, either. This will help prompt more input. I can't wait to use it.
Dayani 7th May 2024 Lifestyle Coordinator

Redefining Roles: 10 Principles of Person-Centered Care

Excellent information for the resident's care plans and the care plan reviews. Thank you, Golden Carers,
Letitia 4th May 2024 4theLOv3!

Create your own Word Search!

Absolutely brilliant and easy! The residents I serve LOVE word searches and we provide them weekly. It's so difficult to find pertinent ones for them that are easy to read!!! Thank you so much! I plan to make many more! I just made one for skilled nursing week.
Trina 4th May 2024 Activity Director

Storytime and Memory Challenge

Love this, we wish there were more of these on here!
Tracy 1st May 2024 Activities Coordinator

Newsletter Template - June 2024

Thank you for these templates as I am new to the activities team and I just produced my first newsletter and I got such great feedback from the residents
Renee 30th Apr 2024

Things that go Together Quiz

This was so much fun. We used a time limit and the only rule was GET ALL THE ANSWERS.

YES, they copied, snuck peeks at other players answers, moved around, talked really loud, and TOTALLY ENJOYED DOING SO! ????

Cheryl 30th Apr 2024 Activities Manager

DIY Horse Racing Game

Our residents love horse racing, we made our horses with pool noodles (one noodle makes 2 horses) and then we put them on plungers.
Teresa 30th Apr 2024 Support Worker

How To Make Art Fun!

Keep it simple but pleasing to the individual...
Phyllis 29th Apr 2024 Activities Director

International Radio Facts & Trivia

These materials are wonderful and help me fill out my National Nursing Home Activities week. We are also having a live reading of an old radio show, "The Bickersons, 2nd Honeymoon". and will have residents participating with sound effects and reading commercials. This site is the best!!
Christine 29th Apr 2024 Retired

True Or False Quiz #8

The quizzes you offer are extremely popular with the Residents where I Volunteer.. it is heartwarming to see how much they all remember even though all diagnosed with varying levels of Dementia and all very different ages.
Having a son living in Melbourne who I visit from the UK the Aussie connection is interesting. Many thanks ..Christine
Paula 29th Apr 2024 Lifestyle Lead

Karaoke Happy Hour

I have only been in the role since February , on a secondment for 6 months, your site was suggested by another lifestyle lead in a sister home. I am so glad she did , there are some great ideas and the templates are a godsend. I need to make the decision as to whether I carry on in the role , and now I have you guys my confidence is growing.
Kathy 28th Apr 2024 Melville SC Coordinator

ANZAC Day Word Search

Hi Janine, thanks for the suggestion. I hadn't tried that but I gave it a go and it worked! It's good to know I can use this for other topics too. Appreciate it!
Rhonda 27th Apr 2024 Activity Director

The History of Bingo Presentation

At my facility, we do prizes for bingo. We usually get them from Dollar Tree or we make every other game a dollar prize.
Janine 26th Apr 2024 Program Manager

ANZAC Day Word Search

Hi Cathy, I'm in Australia & I made this with Oz in mind. Did gou know you can make your own ones on here? Highly recommend it. I do it all the time.
Once I did one with my seniors making suggestions on a topic then input it to the DIY page. We printed it off & completed it immediately. Good fun.
Gwyneth 26th Apr 2024 Volunteer

Pot Luck Quiz 77

Thanks for the feedback Gwyneth