Mothers Day celebration ideas for high care

Mothers Day celebration ideas for high care

Shared By Heather   Australia

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This is how we celebrated Mother's Day in the High Care Unit. Not only did our residents have a great time so did our families and staff.

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Lyn 12th Feb 2017 Lifestlye Coordinator
Such a great idea thank u.
Beryl-Ann 17th Apr 2016 Diverional Therapy Coordinator
Thanks for the wonderful ideas. Great team work with everyone putting in their ideas.
Sharon 5th Mar 2016 Activities Co-ordinator
we had a fantastic day yesterday in the UK, we set up our lounge with ironing board , dolls pram nappies for the dolls ect , we had a washing line with dolls clothes on it, i had rollers in my hair with a head scarf on and wearing a pinny we had cups of tea at the dinning table with scones , They all thought it was a fantastic day thank you for this idea, we will deferentially do this again next year.
Lorraine 26th Apr 2014 Diversional Therapist
Well what wonderful Ideas ladies I am sure our residents will have fun now with those ideas.
Lorraine Many Thanks.
debbie 21st Apr 2014 day centre coordinator

That's a lovely idea. It has inspired me to put a twist on mothers day celebrations. When speaking to our ladies they never had a baby shower when their babies were born. This year I am arranging baby shower games on mothers day.
Games will include

several jars of baby food : they need to guess the flavours
Baby price is right: game to guess prices of baby items
Guess what is in the bag: different baby items in paper bags
Guess the number of jelly babies in the jar : person who is close gets the jar
who I am I now? : clients baby photos, people need to guess who the adult is now.

These are just a few ideas....any other suggestions to add to the list.

Cheers Debbie
Jill 19th Apr 2014 Adult Day Center Director
I love the babies sitting around on blankets with toys--what a cute idea!
Jean 27th May 2013 Recreational Activities Officer
Some great ideas Heather, thanks for sharing .
talita 25th May 2013
Thank you Heather for sharing your mother's day for high care residents with us. Wonderful ideas that I am sure others will try next year.

Thanks again!