Pretty table decorations made from cups, sauces and silk flowers. Mix up some plaster, pour into cups and before it sets push in some pretty silk flowers. The clients loved it and they are so pretty :)
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We recently made some pretty table decorations from old cups and saucers. Glue cups to saucers (they don't have to match).

Mix up some plaster, pour into cups and before it sets push in some pretty silk flowers.

The clients loved it and they are so pretty :)

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Lynn 10th Aug 2019
Good ideas

jo 9th Aug 2019
what type of glue is used to securely hold cup & saucer?
Anglicare - Karen 4th Aug 2016 Lifestyle Lead
Thanks for the Idea. We have a seniors week high tea coming up and we actually got our social group to create some centrepieces themselves, they look lovely.
Talita 4th Aug 2016
They look beautiful Karen! Thank you for sharing a photo!
Kylie 2nd Sep 2015 leisure and lifestyle officer
I did this, but we planted succulents in the cups.
Vicky 11th Mar 2015
What a great activity, I'm going to start organise this for a craft sessions.
Sharon 6th Mar 2015
just made this with my residents and they loved it,had lots of fun!
Domenica 22nd Apr 2014 Lifestyle Coordinator
Hi everyone i have done a beautiful high tea party for Mothers day with flowers in tea cups also empty small jars and have the residents decorate them with coloured strings or ribbon even with paper cup cake .Also pom poms hanging from the ceiling and garden areas.
Patricia 8th Feb 2014 Co Ordinator
Wonderful idea, thank you!
meredith 4th Sep 2013 Activity co ordinator
hi all, our residents made the cup and saucer table decorations to be used at our major fund -raiser, and we received so many comments of how pretty they looked. The ladies also had a lot of fun choosing their flowers placing them in the cups. I have used many ideas from golden carers... thank you so much . Meredith
lyn 27th May 2013 recreation therapist
Hi all, I was shown a cup and saucer activity out in the community by a lovely client, the same as you suggested Jean but for a pin cushion. Inserting a stainless steel scourer inside this stops the pins from rusting I was told. I have yet to give this a go with my lot where I work. Cheers team xx Lyn xx
talita 17th May 2013
Thanks Jean, wonderful idea!
debbie 17th May 2013 day centre coordinator
yes lovely idea,
we also used this idea and placed a piece of foam inside the cup wrapped in any decorative fabric to make a pin cushion. Then used any decorations such as beads, flowers, ribbions on the outside of the cup and saucer simply by using glue.

Great idea
Jean 6th May 2013 Recreational Activities Officer
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Cup and saucer table decorations
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