My Bonnie Chair Exercise Fun

My Bonnie Chair Exercise Fun

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I loved this idea when it was introduced to me by a collegue many years ago. We sing the song My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean as a group and everytime a word that starts with the letter B (Bonnie, Bring, Back)  is sung we raise our arms.

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Anna 4th Nov 2022 Music Intern Therapist
It sounds like a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing
Kerry Jayne 22nd Feb 2022 Activities Assistant
My day centre is lucky enough to have a regular Music Activities visit. Andrew ( known as "The Music Man") performs "My Bonnie" and encourages the clients to do action along with their singing. Hands to chest = my, an hourglass figure traced in the air with both hands= bonnie, folded hands to ear=lies, pointing = over, ect. We start off slow and try to get up to normal speed. It's great fun, good exercise and always ends up with us laughing as we fail to keep up with Andrew! He also does breathing exercises and other "movement " songs, combined with a sing-a-long so theres something for everyone to enjoy.
Susan 22nd Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hey Kerry Jayne
It sounds like you are very lucky but I like your suggestions
Thanks for sharing them
Susan 20th Feb 2022 Activity Director
Hi Steff
Thank You for sharing this great activity
I always wanted to know all verses to the song
Thanks again
Talita 18th Feb 2022
Another wonderful activity idea - thank you for sharing Steff!