Quotes and one-liners can express wisdom, happiness, and sorrow. People enjoy reading them to gain inspiration or have a giggle. The following were chosen to amuse. Enjoy!

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Susan 28th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Pamela
Thank you for your kind words
Pamela 27th Jan 2021 Activity Coordinator For Older People
This site is my lifeline for work especially now as I need to reach out to so many isolated at home , keeping them happy and stimulated. Many thanks and keep up your wonderful ideas
Susan 27th Jan 2021 Activity Director
Hi Ann
Thank you for your kind words
You are right this is a wonderful site with wonderful members who are smart and creative and helpful
If you have any successful activities you would like to share we would love it
Thank you again
Talita 26th Jan 2021
Thanks so much for your feedback Ann and Fay! They made me giggle too!
Ann 26th Jan 2021 HCA
So happy to have joined and just finding my way around the activities... Loved reading these jokes and stories... Definitely so worth joining... Looking forward to getting stuck right in... Thank you
Fay 26th Jan 2021 Program Facilitator
Hi. Have been reading the animal jokes and shared them with my family before printing. They haven’t stopped laughing. I love them and I always try them on my family before sharing with the clients.