A reminiscing magazine for every day in March! Enjoy the popular 'This Day in History' series with historical events, jokes, quotes, biographies and more!

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Is there a Spanish March version for this day in history?
Susan 22nd Feb 2024 Activity Director
Lyn 26th Feb 2020 Volunteer
i run a session twice a month for people living with dementia and their carers, they love on this day. apart from singing and dancing it is their favourite thing. Thank you from the UK.
Talita 2nd Mar 2020
Thank you so much for your feedback Lyn, we appreciate it so much x
Corey 28th Feb 2019 Rec Director
This is great! Will definitely make use of this.
Talita 2nd Mar 2019
Thanks for your feedback Corey! Hope your residents enjoy it!
Bec 27th Feb 2019 Lifestyle Officer
Love Love Love this
Talita 2nd Mar 2019
Thank you so much Bec!
Martin 8th Feb 2019 Resident Engagement Officer
Absolutely fantastic to receive and share with residents in Retirement Housing, I am constantly being badgered for next month's edition!!
Thank you for such a valuable item!!
Talita 9th Feb 2019
Thank you so much for your feedback Martin!
Cherie Damoulakis 6th Mar 2018
I would like to share with you how much the clients at the Day Centre enjoyed "This Day In History", March they enjoyed hearing about actors David Niven and Rex Harrison, they were surprised that Rex Harrison had been married 6 times.
Keep up the good work, and THANK YOU!
Talita 10th Mar 2018
Thank you so much Cherie for your feedback! This means so much to us!
Lori 2nd Mar 2018 Activity
Love this site
Talita 3rd Mar 2018
Thanks so much Lori! x
Julie 9th Feb 2018 Director Of Lifestyle Enrichment
Thank you so much for this day in history. Our residents really enjoy and look forward to this during our morning visits. It opens up questions and conversations between both residents and staff making it such a great opportunity to connect. Fantastic idea!!!
Talita 10th Feb 2018
This is so lovely to hear. Thank you Julie! x
Wellington 6th Feb 2018 Diversional Therapist
Thank you so much for This day in History ! Our Residents really enjoy and look forward to this daily. Sometimes I write the anagram on the board, so during the activity they are thinking about it. Other times we end our activity by reading the sheet and working out the puzzle together. it really is an awesome idea.
Talita 6th Feb 2018
Thanks so much for your feedback, we love hearing how it is being used!