Here are 6 of our favourite dice games to enjoy that have been shared by members. Thank you to all who share! Some are modified versions of existing games and some you may not have tried before. These games are so easy to play and so much fun! Simply print & play!
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6 Dice Games Printables

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Julie 2nd Apr 2021 Wellness & Activity Coordinator
Hello! I just tried the 5000 game myself to see how long it would take me to get to 5000. With 6 dice it took 44 turns. With 10 dice it took 25. In either case the form isn't long enough. Did anyone else have this problem? Is there a way to get the excel document so I can add more rows? Thanks all!
Susan 2nd Apr 2021 Activity Director
Diane 29th Sep 2020 Activity Coordinator
I have already been playing a couple of these but found 3 new ones in this list. I hesitated about the beetle one, hoping they didn't find it too childish. We played it today and haven't laughed so much in a long time!
Thank you for all of your great ideas!
Rachel 21st Sep 2020 Activities Coordinator
These are great, thank you. We have done the cover the numbers and different variations of the draw a beetle game. in addition to these we have played "color by numbers" using a large floor dice, i give them a choice of pictures i have copied out of a coloring book, which i have numbered sections of picture 1-6 they then get to roll the dice one at a time, they pick a color for that number start coloring while i go round room, keep on rolling until they roll all six numbers and have chosen all their six colors, worked really well and finish with very colorful pictures, even residents who always say they can't color and don't join in with craft sessions joined in and really enjoyed it, does take a long time as same numbers come up but that gives them time to finish coloring the previous number.
Talita 28th Sep 2020
I love your color by numbers dice game Rachel, thank you for sharing!
Susan 18th Sep 2020 Activity Director
Good ideas Francisco
Thanks for your input
Francisco 18th Sep 2020
I added my own twist to "Cover the number" to play with my grandma after we had mastered the original version. Now we roll three dice, discard one of them, and then proceed as usual. It adds a little bit of strategy ("which two dice should I pick?"), which gets my grandma to think harder; and as an added bonus, it makes the game enjoyable for me.

We also added some low numbers in the blank areas on the side of the board, as suggested in a previous post. Also, I made the boards by hand with cardboard and colored markers (using one color for the 1s, another color for the 2s, etc.), and we use beans to cover the numbers, all of which makes it a more pleasant sensory experience.
Wendy 17th Sep 2020 Lifestyle
Thanks for sharing we will give it sa try
Alphonso D Conceicao 17th Sep 2020
Hi, Thank you for sharing the Dice Game. Will be trying it out with our seniors. Due to COVI-19, I am also trying it out with our volunteers to play this game virtually over ZOOM.

Warmest regards
Operations Manager (Community)
Thye Hua Kwan Nursing Home Limited, Singapore
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