Let's take a moment to journey back in time and explore the stark differences that characterized life in 1915.

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Lisa 20th Jun 2019 Activities for Seniors
WOW! Just saw this article. Fascinating...THANK YOU!
Talita 21st Jun 2019
Thanks for your feedback Lisa! There is one for the United States too, perhaps you found it already:

Kymberly 4th Jan 2017 Activities Coordinator
Thank you. This one activity has given me many prompts
Talita 9th Jan 2017
Thanks for your feedback Kymberly.
Maureen 30th Dec 2016 activities officier
We have had the fortune of having celebrated 3 - 100 plus celebrations and have utilized information such as the above along with on this day information from internet. Families and other visitors love to hear about what Mum/Dad are older than or what happened in the year they were born. We have printed it out for them to take and read later.
Talita 1st Jan 2017
Thanks for your feedback Maureen. Yes, on this day websites provide great information too, don't they!
Cherrine 9th Sep 2016 Diversonal Therapist
hi reminiscing is great fun anytime, i put together some sticks red/yellow paper put a flickering torch and made a fire, got a lantern from Kmart that is battery operated and we pretended to go camping inside with marshmallows, melted chocolate/strawberry and hot chocolate and told stories around the fire.
Talita 12th Sep 2016
oh I love this Cherrine. I think someone sent in a picture of a pretend fire a while back but I can't remember on what activity, it looked so good! If you have a chance to send in a pic next time you run this activity that would be great!
Kymberly 26th Feb 2016 Activities Coordinator
Great lead-in for a reminiscing activity. Thanks
Heather 19th Jan 2016
Love this. Thanks for sharing.
Emily 14th Jan 2016 Diversional Therapist
Good topic to use in reminiscing activity leading to Australia Day.
Thank you so much.
Laura 8th Jan 2016 Activities Coordinator
We have a lady who will be turning 101 years young in March. This is fabulous information that we can utilize to help celebrate this milestone with her. Many thanks!
Juliet 30th Dec 2015 Lifestyle Therapy Team Leader
Really interesting facts - thanks